In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

Small translation issue in French with Phileas Fogg.

The last special skill in English is : The target gets -58% defence against Nature for 4 turns.

In French, it has been translated as : La défense de la cible contre la nature augmente de -58% pendant 4 tours. (The target defence against nature increase by -58% for 4 turns).

It would be clearer if it was : La défense de la cible contre la nature diminue de -58% pendant 4 tours (The target defence against nature decrease by -58% for 4 turns) or La cible obtient -58% défense contre la nature pour 4 tours (litteral translation of the current English version).

  • and - = - is not what first comes to mind when we read a skill. When I saw it, I thought Fogg actually gives defence against nature. Then, I got him and I saw what he does. I’m sure more French speaking people would have paid for the S4 packs if the translation was better.
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I was looking in this section if already someone mentioned that problem, but I haven’t found anything

The English description says the caster or his allies need to get hit to increase his attack stats and his final damage. (that’s how it works)

The German translation says pretty much the opposite. The first part is still correct, it says his attack stats increase when the caster or his allies get hit.
But the second part is completely wrong, it says the caster and his allies need to hit the enemy to increase the final damage.

I’m playing most of the time in english, so I wasn’t really aware about that, but in the last time I spoke with a lot of people who have no idea how that pig really works because of the wrong description and are always surprised why the damage isn’t increased although they moved a lot of stones.

I know there are a lot of minor translation errors, some spelling mistakes or weird wording, but most of them aren’t really a problem, it’s not perfect but nothing that really influences the game. And translating everything in a lot of languages is probably not easy.
But this translation error has a huge impact on how people play with the hero, it’s the complete opposite from what you should do.

I hope it can get fixed in the near future, thanks.

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It must be a graphic bug, in all cards i can’t see the letter “S” Anymore.

CoSto Squadra

And so on

I see what you mean @Dagoberto . Hopefully they can get this fixed correctly…and soon.


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