In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

I am very pleased to know that the previous translation ideas I suggested have all been accepted.
Meanwhile, I came up with a couple of other Korean translation issues, and I hope the developers can see them.

  1. Hero name: Cyprian

I am afraid that this basic dark hero has been called as Cycrian in the Korean version for more than two years.
In Korean, his name is “사이프리언,” not “사이크리언.”

Speaking of which, I also suggest that Cyprian’s skill name “Perfect Riposte” in Korean as “완벽한 되찌르기” because it is closer meaning for that than “완벽대응” in the context. “대응” means “response” and does have a slightly different nuance from “Riposte” which is one of the saber skills.

  1. Heroine name: Ei-Dunn

It seems that the translator might have mistaken the prefix “Ei” as “El”.
I suggest her name in Korean would be “에이-둔” instead of “엘-둔”

In addition, her Korean special skill name, “더러운 도끼” has the closest meaning “Dirty Axe”. I suggest “오염된 도끼” instead, though I cannot say that current skill name is not really wrong.

  1. Ameonna’s special skill description

The first article, in English version, says “Removes all status effects and stacks from the caster. Removes even those status effects and stacks that are otherwise undispellable or uncleansable.” which is correct.
In Korean version, it says “Removes all status effects and stacks from the caster. Removes all status effects except those status effects and stacks that are undispellable or uncleansable.” which is not true.
(시전자의 모든 상태 효과 및 중첩을 제거합니다. 해제 불가능하거나 정화 불가능한 효과와 중첩이 아닌 모든 상태 효과를 제거합니다.)
Correct Korean description shall be like this: 시전자의 모든 상태 효과 및 중첩을 제거합니다. 해제 불가능하거나 정화 불가능한 상태 효과와 중첩도 제거합니다.

  1. Guardian Gazelle’s special skill description

This is almost the same issue as 3). The first article, in Eng ver., says “Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all allies except the caster” and I found it correct.
But in Kr ver., it says “Removes all status effects from all allies except the caster. Removes all status effects except undispellable buffs or ailments. (시전자를 제외한 모든 아군의 모든 상태 효과를 제거합니다. 해제 불가능하거나 정화 불가능한 효과가 아닌 모든 상태 효과를 제거합니다.)”
Correct Korean description shall be like this: 시전자를 제외한 모든 아군의 해제 불가능하거나 정화 불가능한 효과를 포함한 모든 상태 효과를 제거합니다.


Russian language, troops exchange, text with typos and gramatically incorrect.
Now: “обемниваться”
Should be: “обменяться”


In German a part of Finley’s special description could be confusing for newer players. It says “Wenn das Ziel Boni hat, greift ein anderer Gegner mit Boni an”. In english this would mean “If the target has buffs, another enemy attacks with buffs”. Right would be “Wenn das Ziel Boni hat, greift er einen anderen Gegner mit Boni an”. Small thing but would be nice to see fixed.

Dunno who’s responsible for heroes’ Brazilian names but can you get your sh*&% together? :joy::joy::joy:

Like Azlar being transformed into Aruna and Boldtusk into Presaudaz wasn’t bad enough, Uraeus was turned into… UREU

Just keep original names unless it’s a famous spirit like Sants Claus, who is correctly translated into Papai Noel.

@Guvnor, thx for merging. Searched quite some time for a thread bur didn’t found this one.

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Hi, SG! Minor issue in Russian translation. Both relics “Food harvester” and “Omnia harvester” in Russian have the same caption “Сбор урожая”.

Yet, it fits “Omnia harvester”, and also as, in common sense, it fits “Food harvester”, by ridiculous coincidence (“harvest” in Russian is “урожай”). Worst case we could have had, would be “harvest harvester”. Please avoid it. :wink:

“Food harvester” should be translated to “Сбор пищи” (“пищи” is the genetive case for “пища”) to avoid caption duplication.

MAJOR translation bug for Isrod.

In Russian it says that mana regeneration works for Isrod only.

Current version: “Герой восстанавливает”.
CORRECT version: “Герой и ближайшие союзники восстанавливают”.

@Guvnor , @Petri , kindly ask for your focused attention, it’s a top hero of the Villains.

Hello i rearly need to add bulgarian language to thr game, becouse i like the game but is rearly hard for me to understand all ruls

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Please I use English and I need to translate into Russian can you help me

Swedish translation issues.


Antidote (green potions) translated into different swedish words in separate parts of the game. E.g. named “motgift” in the smith but named “botemedel” in the PoV quest to produce these. Leads to confusion for new players all the time as they don’t know what to produce even if these two words each are equally good translations to the word Antidote.

In some hero descriptions the word “användaren” (user) has started showing up. Before, and still on many heroes, the caster of an ability is named “anfallaren” (the attacker). The latter is more appropriate because it’s less confusing as to whom it refers to.

I know i have more issues with the swedish translations simply because the same thing is named differently depending on where it is displayed, but these are the ones I could think of right now.

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What kind of help do you need?

I want to turn my English in to Russian so I can communicate with my alliance


Elkanen costume special skill translation into Polish:
“the caster steals 61% of any healing applied”
“bohater kradnie 61% dowolnej regeneracji celu”

It’s innacurate translation. It could be understood as “E. steals any regenertion” so it also should apply to mana regeneration.
The correct translation should be “bohater kradnie 61% dowolnej regeneracji zdrowia celu”

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Hey guys!

There’s a very controversial translation in Russian for “Fiend” word in Uraeus’s special.
It’s “лярва”.

The thicky thing is that this word has double meaning.
Yes, it’s Roman word for some astral parasites, many people know it.
But the most of the people know it’s common meaning (well, I’m not sure if I’ll get banned for that…): “Tramp” or “Hooker”, and it’s commonly considered as an insult.

Here’s the proof from unofficial wiki.лярва

And if don’t trust me - trust your own game’s insult filters :slight_smile:

Russian community’s thought on how it should be named:
(yes, there’s a typo in “parasite” word =))

Overall: kindly ask to replace offensive “лярва” with neutral and 100% understandable “паразит”.

Thank you!


The translation of Prof. Lidenbrock to Japanese is wrong.
English says: “All allies’ health is boosted by 600 HP over 4 turns.”
But Japanese says: “All allies regenerate 600 HP over 4 turns.”

it should be: “仲間全員のライフを600ブーストする(4ターン)”


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Another one, Brynhild.
English: “The caster and nearby allies are immune to buff dispels for 3 turns.”
Japanese: “The caster and nearby allies are immune to new buffs for 3 turns.”

It should be: “術者と近くにいる仲間がバフ解除に耐性を持つ(3ターン)”

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Hi there,

It seems to be an issue with this card, since it’s written that fiends decrease attack of their owners by -24%. However, in game, it’s not attack but mana. Is it possible to rewrite this ?


In french -24% mana becomes - 24% attack in Elizabeth’s card


Hello @Petri and @zephyr1. I would like to draw your attention to some features of the translation of the game into Russian. New heroes have a translation error, now I will try to explain it.
There is such a word in the Russian language ЛЯРВА it used to mean an energy parasite, but this word has not been used for its intended purpose for 70 years, now in modern Russian 90% of the entire population knows that the word ЛЯРВА means a woman who willingly engages in promiscuous seх. I ask you to think about replacing this word with ПАРАЗИТ or КЛЕЩ.
Here is an excerpt from the well-known site wikipedia.
In colloquial Russian, the original meaning of the word is lost and is synonymous with an evil, hypocritical or fallen woman in the moral sens


Frost’s MAJOR translation error.
@Petri , @KiraSG

In Russian the description is wrong:
“Все прислужники героя получают…”, which equals to “All the hero’s minions get…”

But all the allies’ minions get bonuses.

Correct version: “Все прислужники союзников получают +30% оч. здоровья и +30% атаки”.

Kindly ask to correct the translation.

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