In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

Craft 5 bomb attacks => in German there’s an “f” missing:
“Fertige 5 Bombenangrife an” => “Fertige 5 Bombenangriffe an”

and the labels are overlapping^^


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Just noted, very small detail but still: in Spanish, some Niflheim provinces are called “Niflheim” and some other are called “Nilfheim” (F and L are swapped).

  1. Over 6 months ago there was a report of wrong translation issue about the inverted object when demotion or expulsion in the Alliance chat as follows,

which has not been fixed yet, so I would like to remind this again.
If switching Leader-Member names each other is difficult because of a word order rule,
I suggest another translation as follows:

Wrong: [member]님이 [leader]님을 강등시켰습니다. (which means [member] demoted [leader])

Suggestion: [member]님이 [leader]님에 의해 강등되었습니다. (which means [member] was demoted by [leader])

  1. Gullinbursti’s second special skill information in Korean says “further 3% increase every time they or any of they allies are hit during 20 turns.”
    Needless to say, it should be “이후 4턴 동안 자신이나 다른 아군이 공격에 적중될 때마다 20%씩 추가 효과를 얻습니다.”


  1. Shadereave’s Draugr Blessing in Korea gives wrong information about the revival trigger as follows:
    Wrong: “축복을 받은 영웅은 4턴 후 사망하며,” = “The blessed Hero dies after the next 4 turns, and”
    Correct: "축복을 받은 영웅이 4턴 이내에 사망하면,“If the blessed Hero dies in the next 4 turns,”

    It goes exactly the same for the Marie-Thérèse’s Zombie Blessing:

  2. Some Heroe/Heroine’s names in Korea are obviously wrong:
    (1) Seshat, pronounced as [seʃat] in English, must have been named after an ancient Egyptian goddess.
    However, in Korean version’s “시햇 [sihat]” is not the proper Korean name in terms of the both pronunciation and original name.
    In Korea, we normally translate Seshat as “세스헤트[ses-hat]” considering the way we read “Seshat” as Egyptian Goddess in Korea, or “세샤트[seʃat]” following the English pronunciation.

    (2) Sumle, whom I don’t know the origin of that name, should at least not be pronounced as [su-mi], which is the only pronunciation of “수미”, the Korean version name. Considering the Japanese version name “サムル”, I suppose that “Sumle” is named to be pronounced as [sʌml]. Therefore, I suggest “서믈[sʌml]” as the correct name. Or it can be “수믈레[su-ml-le]”, as the way we normally read “Sumle” not knowing how to pronounce it.

    (3) Bai Yeong, obviously the Chinese-origin character is pronounced as [bai jʌŋ] in English.
    However, in Korean version’s “배영 [bæjʌŋ]” is not the proper Korean name in terms of the both pronunciation and original Chinese name “白英 (translated as 백영[bægjʌŋ] in Korean)”. Considering all the other Chinese-origin names such as Sha Ji (샤 지/沙吉), Hou (호우/猴), Gan Ju (간 주/柑橘), Hu Tao (후 타오/胡桃), Li Xiu (리 시우/李繡), and Chao (차오/趙), it should be “바이 영” in Korean
    (Wu Kong is an only exception: in Korea, we have been translated 悟空 as 오공 since hundred years ago)

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Using Reset Emblem will return 20% of Food and Iron.

Notes: Indonesia language still does not have the additional text.


I am very upset that your Russian translators made a gross mistake.

suggest improving Glenda so that she gives a 40% boost to all allies, and not 3

Bad translations to Polish not just for Vanda but other Halloween heroes as well. In english we have - The caster steals 61% of any healing… In Polish we have - The caster reduce 61% of any regeneration… That is huge difference cause she steals the healing.

The word “失敗” in Cheinese mean “fail”
It should be “擊敗” which mean “defeat”

@Petri please help to fix it, thanks!

Hello. Translation in russian version in season 3 lvl 26 is incorrect

Translation should be “Ты посмел украсть силы жизни и смерти у самой Хель?!”

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bug in the french translation of JOTT competence…

in the second part " heros attaquant" by " heros défendant"

The text in portuguese titan event log says that the player TOOK damage instead of DEALT :smile:

This isn’t exactly a translation problem but I can’t read for sure…

Here is some example of screenshot of recent PoV mission in Japanese language compare to English version and somehow those text is extremely small so you can’t actually read it.

This happens almost every single day. You can’t pinch to zoom so my only solution is to take screenshot and zoom-in other image app (everyday!)

I talk to several friends in my alliance and it seems everyone has same problem. My phone is Android 11 but my fiend says it’s same for iOS.

Again I have a “problem” with one of the Lokis - this time it’s, of course, the male one. I’m glad that the German translation of “Loki-Dame” was changed to “Lady Loki”. So I hope that the same can be done with “Herrscher Loki”. No German would say so, lord is a well known title in German as well, so there is no need at all to translate “Lord Loki”, especially if the translation doesn’t make any sense.

Second: The German translation for the abilities of Mica says that they are for / against all heroes (Helden), but it’s only for the allies (Verbündete). So this really has to be changed, because it’s wrong at the moment.


I don’t understand why it is necessary to use a title for him, at all. So yes, either you call him just “Loki” (as he has no title in the Norse mythology as far as i know), or just leave it “Lord Loki” in order to distinguish him from lady loki.

In the description in Russian of the new Hero of the Month, the color of the elements was not registered. I attach the screen in Russian, everything is fine in English


Hiya @TDSM

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which is a master for the topic that your thread had.

Also please note that it makes it easier if you state what the issue is and what the suggested translation should be.

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@Guvnor The error is not in the translation itself, the error is that the color code should not be shown in the description, while the text itself is not shown in green.

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Today, one of the valor challenge is “use dragon banner”. But if you convert language to Turkish, it says “craft dragon banner”. Most of the friends in alliance used their resources in order to try complete this challenge until one of us realized that issue.

I remember that I saw this translation issue past challenges. Can you fix it?

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Hi @erhankzk; I merged your thread into a master;

it will help devs if you comment what the current translation is vs. what it SHOULD be :slight_smile:

2nd effect from Bertila’s Special Skill has a mistake in Turkish Translation.

“Tüm DÜŞMANLARDAN saldırı veya savunmayı etkileyen tüm arındırılabilir durum engellerini kaldırır ve onları rastgele düşmanlara dağıtır”

if you try to translate it back, it means “Lifts all cleanable status ailments that affect attack or defense from all ENEMIES and randomly distributes them on enemies”

correct Turkish translation should be like this :

“Tüm MÜTTEFİKLERDEN saldırı veya savunmayı etkileyen tüm arındırılabilir durum engellerini kaldırır ve onları rastgele düşmanlara dağıtır”

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Killhares card in Finnish says: Kaikki liittolaiset paisti should be kaikki liittolaiset paitsi.

Paisti is steak, paitsi is except.

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