In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

And yeah, forgot to mention that the very 1st season 3 boss is apparently a MOOSE, not a MOUSE as it says.

Лось and not Мышь.

A mistake even google translator wouldn’t make. I can’t imagine a reason to keep such incompetent employees or subcontractors. Unless it’s an old boy network? Well, if you ifeel it’s worth looking ridiculous with every new feature…

I just realized that Freyas skill translation to german is wrong / misleading.
Unfortunately, i can’t pull it up anymore, since the portal is closed, so bear with me if i don’t get the exact wording…

German Text:
…beschwört einen Raben Lakaien…

should be:
… beschwört einen Raben-Lakaien für jeden Helden

this is a rather substantial difference.

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Hello guys, I’m Korean user.

In the Ursena’s SPECIAL SKILL section, green box means(in english)

“Deals 50% damage if the target has more than 260% health remaining.”

So, the location of number 50 and 260 should be changed each other.


They made this exact mistake earlier with some other card (I can’t be bothered to scroll through again), but for Telluria,

The Chinese version says she “Heals 3 hp in 276 turns” (276 is just my 3/8 skill right now)

Also, a more serious problem; when you kill a titan, instead of “defeated” (which can either mean you are defeated or the titan has been defeated); what the two words in Chinese really means is “failure”; i.e the only way to interpret it is that you lost.

Even though you actually won.

Dear SG. I noticed that the Chinese translation for “heal over time” description is all wrong. The number of turns and amount of hp recovered is reversed. For example:

It says “all allies recover 3hp over 447 turns”

“Caster and nearby allies recover 4hp over 612 turns”

“All allies recover 3hp over 411 turns”

Thank you for your attention.


There is and error in the translation to Spanish

It says now “the target and near by allies” But should say “the target and near by enemies”

This confused me at start, till I saw the description in english


Why don’t you use the empires community to help with translations instead of using google translator ??
put the phrases in the forum and the people of each country vote whether or not the translation is correct in each language.

Not an translation error, but I just put it here, rather starting a new whole topic about a missing space on the German Norne card at line 4 between “werden” and “4”:

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Is almost April and they don’t corrected the mistake. They’ve even look this thread?

Any of this mistakes was corrected?

Mistakes keep piling up in spanish. Is this thread useful in any way?

RAID TOURNAMENTS, all of the loots descriptions

empate” -> “lotería

VALHALLA LEVELS, poison rune description

“Todos los aliados reciben daño de veneno” -> “Todos los enemigos reciben daño de veneno”

and the brand new one

MALOSI, special skill

“El héroe no puede lanzar ningún efecto de estado nuevo o acumulación sobre enemigos o aliados durante 3 turnos” -> “El objetivo no puede lanzar ningún efecto de estado nuevo o acumulación sobre enemigos o aliados durante 3 turnos”

It literally says that Malosi can’t cast any new status effect or stack on enemies or allies! Like he is blocking himself!

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error in the Spanish language translation of the new hero of the month, Mali, in his special power

bad traslation :
el héroe no puede lanzar ningún efecto de estado nuevo o acumulación sobre enemigo o aliado durante 3 turnos

good traslation
El objetivo no puede lanzar ningún efecto de estado nuevo o acumulativo sobre el enemigo o los aliado durante 3 turnos

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Hello there is a Mistake in both Specials of New Heros “Sif” and “Brynhild” in the GERMAN Version.
Both have “+24% Mana Generation”.
In the german version it says “+24% Mana REgeneration”
This is really a problem because both exists in the Game - Mana Generation / Mana Regeneration.
The whole mana topic is confusing enough even without wrong translations :wink:

In Russian:
Mireweave should be called Ткачиха Болот, not Миревив
Stonecleave is Каменотес (man who works with stone), but not Каменный тесак (axe-like weapon which made from stone).

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I think there’s a translation error in German for the new POV daily challenge, not sure if it should be posted here (foreign language and all).

The dragon attack is usually called Drachensturm (Dragon storm) in German, as shown below:

But in POV daily challenge, it’s now called Drachenangriffe (Dragon attack, like the original English version):

Definitely not a big problem, but since bomb and ax are called attack (Bombenangriff and Axtangriff), and taking into account how precise the naming must be for the healing potion daily challenge, this attack/storm thing made some members of my alliance (including me) kinda confused.


The correct & current English version is Dragon Attack so I think the “normal” name is actually the error.


Hello all,

I’m new, so I’m sorry if this topic already exists, but I didn’t found it and I don’t understand how to create a new topic :slight_smile: !
I have no problem with Telluria’s nerf but I’m french and the card has a mistake in her description, it says in french that Telluria summons Minion for her and the nearby allies and in english it says all allies !!!
Do you think they will change the description in french with the v30 ?
Thanks a lot for your response !

best regards


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The above translates to…
Maybe a weaver, not a weaver? And that sounds very ridiculous.
But in fact I support!

Please only write English, there is a foreign language posting section.

Ткачиха, because Mireweave is a girl)

Thank you!

Thank you!
Mireweave - “Болотный ткач” to Russian language.
Stonecleave - “Каменотёс” or “Каменый рассекатель” to russian language.

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