In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions

Yes for the mana part it does, not for the damage

Don’t know if the others got hit also, but I believe you if that it is poor translation (seen it before). Like with the new hero of the month, where it says it heals 20 of the inflicted damage and not specifies hp or %

Yes it’s in Dutch, didn’t test it again yet. Seen wrong translations before, so that’s OK.

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Is pulverizer in “Ramming Pulverizer” refer to sprayer? Because in Indonesian language it is translated as “Semprotan Menyeruduk”. “Semprotan” mean sprayer as in water sprayer. If pulverizer mean shatterer then the appropriate translation would be “penghancur” not “semprotan”.

Egg bombs Polish description is broken:

The English description says the lower bomb counter, the more healing you get. And that’s true. But the Polish translation says the faster you match the bomb, the more healing you get - which is quite the opposite, and it’s obviously wrong.


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@Bruno82 and I were checking Portuguese translations for heroes and their special skills names and came across what seems to be an error regarding Guardian Falcon’s name in the Portuguese version of the game.

As the other guardians, Falcon should translate straight as Falcão Guardião

Criação means Creation and has no connection to falcons nor birds of any kind.

So, as he is right now, he’s Guardian Creation which is big translation miss.

Thanks @Garanwyn for pointing me in the right direction. Very thoughtful and effective as usual


@Petri , a very important case!
In Sand Empire every boss on English cards have -X% healing, i Polish it’s -X% to every regeneration. How is it really? Please answer soon… it’s a BIG difference! And if the English version is right, the mistake in translaton can influence really bad for Polish people who try to go trough Sand Empire as in both cases we should use different heroes and artifacts…

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“Healing” and “regeneration” are synonyms.
I’m from poland and it wasn’t make problem for me.
Healing - restore hp
Regeneration - restore hp

Odczytalam healing jako zdrowie… Tym bardziej, że nie zauważyłam, żebym miała po ataku bossa mniejszą regenerację many, zdrowia nie zdążyłam sprawdzić

@Radar1 , look at Sargasso. There is -80% increase for any healing… and here “healing” is
a synonim of “regeneration”… but in Sand Empire (e.g. Yunan) there is “-50% healing”… so, it’s not “any healing”, it’s “zdrowie”

Yeah polish translation of sand heroes as well as Triton’s should be corrected, it causes confusion and many people claim that “każdej regeneracji” (every regeneration) also means mana regeneration. Chenge it to “każdej regeneracji zdrowia\życia” albo “każdego leczenia”. Healing and regeneration (without specifying what of) are not synonyms.

Assuming Gill-Ra is female, I’d like to report her description translated to Portuguese has an error.

It should be Caçadora instead of Caçador

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At least her translation in portuguese is mostly fine. In spanish tho:

“Cazador frívolo” is just wrong. Gill Ra is not male and she definitely isn’t frivolous. Correct translation would be “Cazadora de los bajíos” or “Cazadora de las bajas profundidades”, or even “Cazadora de aguas poco profundas”. SG got the wrong word when they translated shallow.


If you scroll up a bit, you’ll see the mess of a translation that is Falcon in Portuguese. It makes no sense.

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I just saw :smile: Guardian Creation makes him sound super OP, lol.

I found another one. Poor Tibs.

Apenado could be translated as embarrassed in spanish, so Tibs is the Embarrassed Duke. He needs pink cheeks to go with his title, lol.

Correct translation would be “Duque Lúgubre”.

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I think you’re seeing a regional difference in translation here, because I don’t believe it universally means embarrassed. But it’s still the wrong word, because I don’t think that means “mournful” anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

Yes, some of the Translation to Portuguese sounds terrible to me but I can see them working for other Portuguese speaking countries, so it’s not an error, like Gill-Ra’s gender or that abomination that is “Creation Guardian”

It doesn’t @Garanwyn but a good thing about spanish in my country is that it’s very neutral. Spanish here is almost the same as spanish from Spain.

In most sentences apenado means either embarrassed or sad. “Me siento apenado” means “I feel sad/embarrassed”. As the title of a hero, Duque apenado could be translated as “Sorry Duke”, “Sad Duke” or “Embarrassed Duke” :joy:

I think there are only 2 correct translations that could be made for Tibs’ title: “Duque lúgubre” or “Duque en pena”. I like the first translation more than the second cuz lúgubre sounds more badass in spanish.

@FabulaSumus For some reason game creators tend to mess up when they translate the gender of game characters, don’t they? It’s pretty common in spanish and portuguese translations :thinking:

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