In-game survey function

The situation of the last few days gave me the idea to write a proposal for SG.
If SG is really interested in having user feedback, then one of the options to get the most active feedback is to implement the user surveys feature in the game. It is directly in the game, and not on the forum game.
This feature of surveys has long been implemented in the game M&P, which, as you know, is a clone of E & P.
There, users receive messages inviting them to take part in a survey and Express their personal opinion on an important topic. Everything is simple: by clicking the button in the message, the user goes to the voting page and selects one of the suggested response options.
Topics for voting in the game could be ideas suggestions from forum participants and other questions, the answers to which would help SG make the game as pleasant as possible for new and old users.
I used a forum search before posting this topic. I didn’t see any similar offers. If this has already happened, then I and my Alliance support this idea. After all, the forum is English-speaking, and therefore thousands of users who do not speak English simply do not come here and are deprived of the opportunity to Express their opinion. And they also care what happens next in their favorite game. I want SG to have the opportunity to learn the opinions of not only forum participants.

@Petri please consider my offer :point_up: :kissing_heart:

Surveys would be awesome ( hire a survey person Zynga/ SGG ).


How is this different from the Devs sending an in game mail with a link to an external survey ( example Survey Monkey )?

I would rather Devs concentrated on designing surveys, and analyzing responses, then building the survey platform.

To be fair, Devs did revolutionize player analytics so it is possible they could revolutionize survey software.

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