In game purchase won't use correct account

I’m having a very odd issue. A couple of months ago I couldn’t buy anything in-game due to the store pointing to a different email address, that’s neither registered anywhere in-game nor in my Google Play account, and I flat out refuse to register my cards onto more accounts. What in the world could cause this behaviour?

It got fixed a bit later, but now it’s resurfaced.

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This problem keeps going on, despite my attempts at restarting my phone, double and triple confirming my setting in the google play store or anything else I can think of. Any ideas?

Hi @TomasT. I think this issue may be with an email address that’s somehow entered into your settings at I’d check the settings tab, and then look at Payments Users.

If that doesn’t allow you to fix the problem, definitely open a support ticket with SG. Here’s how to do that:

Thanks man. I’ll do just that since my main email address is the only one registered under payment users

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That sounds both weird and frustrating. I really hope they can help you!

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