In-game messages for global bugs and issues

For bugs and issues that influence the game on a global scale, there should be an official in-game message or push notification to direct players to any further information as soon as its known.

The latest Mystic Titan bug has been acknowledged by staff 6hrs ago, with no in-game message.

Currently a lot of players are in the dark and are relying on forum members to communicate updates to their alliance and other third party chatrooms regarding the issue.

Language barriers, translations and staff hours are feeble excuses for a company with an $11.56B market cap.

@KiraSG @Petri

There was a similar thread a long time ago like 3 years.

The player base Is probably bigger now, People who don’t usually use the fourm in my alliance had to come here and find out. We put in line chat and banner. But I do think a inbox message by sgg would of been a good idea especially today.
As people starting threads that have to merged clutter the fourm, I love good merge me :wink: as they new not gonna use the search just a influx of new people and coming to complain isn’t a good look for the fourm.


Actually one of my alliance members did get this…

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I got it after the second round of flags and crashing when I tried to attack. I’m guessing the have a trigger on their end that looks for whatever’s causing it and automatically resets the active PvE team.

Better than having to use flags.

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