In-Game Emoji code list

The old one has still been working for me, at least for the ones I’ve tried

The only one not on the list that I’m aware of is :ham :

Maybe a merge @JonahTheBard?


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


Every Week i have to come back here, because I forgot how the emoji is spelled correctly :rofl: ( my mother language is German) :smiley:
And thank you, for putting this together!

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What do you see here that’s not on the original list…?


Missing :neutral : which gives :neutral_face:

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:telescope: 20 characters

Wow! I didn’t know you could do that! This post is officially bookmarked.

No :iron: ? Even though there’s :ham:? Or :elena: ? Even though there’s :richard: ?

Worth noting that Richard is the only hero from in game who has a “Pin”

He’s something of a SGG mascot. Has his own “casting” video too :wink:

Yes, but isn’t Elena also and maybe Vivica too?

Nope :slight_smile:

Only Richard. Elena & Vivica feature in all the cutscenes IN GAME but Richard is the only one who has a casting video.

Sgg released a short too which featured Elena and Richard but yeah…

Hang on, link here:
📽 Index of Small Giant Staff and E&P Design Videos

Richard auditions:


Hello Guys.
Will there be also emoji update as game updates are on lvl 28 :slight_smile:
E.g. :wink:, :upside_down_face:, :partying_face:, :facepunch:, :man_facepalming:, :man_shrugging:
All these 6 emoji above will be nice to have in game chat.
So I would like to ask you if you can work also on emoji update.
Thank you


Creating a sushi one anytime soon? :sushi:


I would love an explanation mark emoji, please!

: ham : :ham:
the sound of 20 squealing hams emanating from windmills

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In my opinion it’s time to update the emoticons… “elementdark” and so on is way too difficult to write down the chat… why is it impossible to use the normal Emoticons which you can use on WhatsApp,… @Resol
Or make it easier like “dark”,“fire”, “+1” for “thumbsup”, I think the best way to improve the communication is to build in the normal emotes, and the option to have a possibility to send pictures or alerts to your Alliance


And what’s missing are symbols! I’m tired to write “----->” instead of using :arrow_right:… And what’s missing are such symbols: :white_check_mark: , :arrow_right_hook:,:arrow_heading_down:,:no_entry:, :100:,:white_flag:,:four_leaf_clover:

Apart from the emoticonss… We need a new chat to communicate! it’s so bad, that many players have to use Line, just because the normal chat is just a mess


You win the kabuki prize…

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How about a updated list?