In-Game Emoji code list

You win the kabuki prize…

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How about a updated list?

Somebody found ham worked in game chat

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:ham: does indeed work.

Does someone have the emoji list in text so in can be pasted into alliance chat ?
I used to have it in line chat, but lost it somehow.

Try this, you probably can’t get it all in one chat message though.

Note: some don’t work here but should be fine in chat but may not be same icon e.g. cool.

:alien: alien
:angry: angry
:axe: axe
:axes: axes
:blush: blush
:bunny: bunny
:butterfly: butterfly
:butterflyblue: butterflyblue
:cake: cake
:cat: cat
:catgrey: catgrey
:coffee: coffee
:cool: cool
:crying: crying
:dog: dog
:donut: donut
:elementdark: elementdark
:elementfire: elementfire
:elementholy: elementholy
:elementice: elementice
:elementnature: elementnature
:evil: evil
:fire: fire
:flower: flower
:fox: fox
:geek: geek
:ghost: ghost
:grin: grin
:ham: ham
:hammer: hammer
:hankey: hankey
:heart: heart
:heartblue: heartblue
:heartgreen: heartgreen
:heartpurple: heartpurple
:heartyellow: heartyellow
:helmet: helmet
:horror: horror
:kiss: kiss
:lightning: lightning
:lol: lol
:love: love
:mage: mage
:magered: magered
:monocle: monocle
:palmtree: palmtree
:pizza: pizza
:richard: richard
:rofl: rofl
:rolleyes: rolleyes
:sad: sad
:skull: skull
:smile: smile
:splash: splash
:staff: staff
:star: star
:sunflower: sunflower
:sword: sword
:swords: swords
:teardrop: teardrop
:think: think
:thumbsdown: thumbsdown
:thumbsup: thumbsup
:tongue: tongue



These are complete, including the missing emoji and some alternative words.

Updated 21 Nov: Added :lie: alias for :cake:


I was able to put it in line chat and cut it into 3 pieces and post it in my alliance.
Worked perfectly. Thanks a lot.

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We need emoticons for: mysterious tonic, rings, scope etc too


I totally agree, far too basic too… You cannot make notes or share a link, pfffff… So '90-s -lol- Reminds me of the first internet dialup connection with a modem from back in days -lmao-

Shame on your, SG

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Why “lie” for cake? :rofl:

Everybody knows that cake is a lie :stuck_out_tongue: But for more serious answer, it comes from the game Portal.



: hand: and : flex: incoming.


The pics look all blurry

Si es verdad
Más emoji

Personally, I’d rather have a :woman_facepalming: Than a donut :doughnut:.
Just sayin

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Hi all! (First-time commenting in the forum)
I’d love to have :wink: and :crossed_fingers: in the chat of the game!!

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:ham: :flex: :hand :
:ham: :flex: :hand :
:ham: :flex: :hand :
:ham: :flex: :hand :

How do I request :surprise: :heartorange: :party/confetti: :rainbow : or :fireworks :? Some aren’t in game at all but there are some pins that don’t have :emoji : text enabled.