In game currencies - converting and buying

Hallo everybody.

Firstly i tried to search but could not find anything relative (my keywords can be off) so any links that i can support that support my idea would be greatly appreciated.

Currency idea 1:
Currently we have a lot of currencies and we are still getting more (Atlantis, Valhalla, Underwild, challenge coins etc…)

Why not convert them (for a small gem fee) to other in game currencies. For a lot of people they will have their desired heroes from a certain portal but would like to summon more on other portals to get heroes they want.

Players that spend will buy more offers on portals they have exhausted and convert them to coins in portals that they want to invest more in while still buying the offers for those portals.
At times when you need a couple of coins for a pull you can easily convert it.
People love choices and choices makes them happy (make us happy while you make money)

Idea 2:
Buying specific amounts of coins.

There is nothing more frustrating when you need a couple more coins for a pull and you have to wait another 4 weeks or so.
I understand that spenders will just buy the bigger offers, but not all can afford that.

More micro transactions, more money.
People who are mostly c2p or F2p will be more enticed to spend a couple of bucks to get that one pull than to wait, in short this will jot affect the whales but will surely generate money from players who are more reserved to spending.

Thank you for reading.

There was a similar idea for number 1, but instead wanted only 1 coin/token.

On the second idea SG would loose money, having a player only a few coins away from another pull and their favorite hero is featured… why would SG let you buy 2 or 3 coins? That may let you have a 5* for cheap.

Don’t get me wrong I like the idea, I’ll even throw a vote your way.

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On just simplifying currencies:

In terms of buying currencies… gems trumps that aspect. And I suspect SGG would prefer we buy gems.

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