In game chest


Can someone please tell me what the number at the side of the in game chest is for at the top of the screen when playing a province level.


The wanted chests are chests that drop loot you wouldn’t recieve as regularly in map or titan phases. The numbers represent the amount of bosses you need to take out to open the chest.


It seems to correlate to how many total items + recruits you earn for winning, but not how many heroes or troops you may win.


Yeah, it is the total of items + recruits + eventually troops/common heroes.

So if you got 8 recruits + 1 herb + 2 backpacks + 1 grimoire powder + 1 wooden blade + 1 green troop = the chest shown 14


I’ll keep a better eye on it in a bit while farming, but could have sworn it didn’t count my heroes and troops.


I just tested and it was recruits + Items (however I didn’t get any heroes or troops on that run).


I just did a few runs through 8-7 and had the following results. This is with the latest update 1.9.5

Chest - 18
Recruits - 9
Items - 9
Heroes - 0
Troops - 1

Chest - 19
Recruits - 10
Items - 8
Heroes - 1
Troops - 1

I never did get heroes without any troops to be able to say for certain, but it appears to be counting heroes but NOT the troops. :thinking:

Will keep an eye out for when I do get heroes only.


You are talking about different chests. I know what the 3 chests are for. I mean when you are playing an actual level I.E You are in the level of matching tiles up. In the top left corner above the colour order is a chest and the number at the side of the chest goes up during game play but you don’t win the amount of items that it states at the side of the chest.


Yes, that’s the one I was referring to.Appears to be recruits + items + heroes


Thank you very much rook for your help. I had checked to see if it was items won but I didn’t take in to consideration troops recruits or heros.


Thank you havok for your help and your input. Can I ask if anyone else is being asked by Google play games for permissions every time they load their game up. I’m being asked everytime to give permission for Google play to have access to the games public profile. Why is this when I never had to before.


Just for completeness:

Chest - 17
Recruits - 10
Items - 6
Heroes - 1
Troops - 0

So, I wonder what it is about troops that they don’t count towards the chest number, yet heroes do?


Looking through the forums I am guessing they did not want to rewrite the loot drop programming code when they added troops:

Continuing the discussion from 1.4 Release Notes:


Ah, nice find! Couldn’t remember if troops had always been available as loot or not. I bet you’re 100% correct.


I think you got this answered in another thread? Please let me know if you still need assistance. :slight_smile: