In-Game Chatroom Posted Rules Amendment

Ok, this is aimed specifically at the moderators and developers (but everyone is welcome to add their opinion!)…
I was under the impression that recruiting for an alliance was only supposed to be done in Alliance Recruitment. But, if you go to General Chat, more often than not, you will be met with recruiting spam - ad after ad after ad.
My proposal is that the rules posted in-game be changed to specify where one is allowed to post such ads. That way, there is no excuse for recruiter-spamming in the wrong room, and people can actually have conversations that make sense instead of having to scroll through 30 or 40 comments to piece together what’s being said or to find someone’s reply to your most recent comment.

Agreed. I would also like to see more rooms. All of them move way too fast to have a conversation. It seems like the only way to have a conversation is outside the game in Line or discord or Facebook.


I’d love this, but some issues

a) SG hasn’t got the considerable resources required to fully monitor and police the chat board

B) nor the desire to piss off their user base by banning abusers

iii) the ensuing discussion without moderation might be worse (politics, misogyny, homophobia etc), so refer back to (a)


Solutions to your concerns:
1- Policing: that’s what the report button is for.
2- Banning: you don’t necessarily have to BAN someone… Just suspend them:
1st offense: warning
2nd offense: chatroom privilege suspended for 24 hours.
3rd offense: chat suspended for 48 hours.
Etc, etc.
The offender is still able to play the game, they can chat in their ALLIANCE CHAT, they can even go to the chatroom and read comments… They just can’t POST anything in the chatrooms.
3- “Undesirable” discussions: we ALREADY have that issue, and that’s where the “Report” button also can help: catagory selection: “harrassment”, “inappropriate”, “serious violation”, “spam”, and i think there’s one other but i don’t remember what it is. I believe the MODERATORS handle the reports, and are able to send a specific issue higher up the chain if a decision of greater authority is needed.
However, placing recruiters on notice that the only chatroom where alliance-recruitment ads are acceptable -and making it clear that there will be consequences if that rule is broken- shouldn’t affect whatever conversations take place. All it will do is cut out a lot of annoying interruptions.

its already in the rules that you can only advertise that your alliance is wanting members or mercs to be posted only in ar. and its gotten to the point where i see the spam and harrassment from recruiters in ot. so yes they at least need to send a message to each member that recruitment is to be kept to ar only. ive seriously stopped going into gen chat because of that reason of the spam and harrassment from idiots who dont understand that i dont want to be in an alliance. then again they dont care because they only see my lvl and not that im telling them no.


Not having an alliance under your name brings out the desperate recruiters like rabid dogs.
I took a break a while back. I joined a semi dead alliance and basically ignored it. No one chatted there anyway. The thing is, no one bothered me when I said something in chat.

it should be heavily enforced that spam should stay in alliance recruitment. first offense is a 24 h mute from global chat, second offense is a 72h mute with a warning to the person and the alliance that if another spam infraction happens then their alliance gets disbanded and each player banned for a week. also the spam is messed up thick in each chan

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If somone conitunes to harrass, make threats and report comments that do not voilate the rules, players should have the option to have a mute whereby the muted party no longer sees their comments. So if I mute a user, they would not see me and I would not see them.

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The only problem is that the REST of the alliance may be completely innocent, and (like my alliance) either doesn’t read messages, or has senior members taking a break. The offending player alone should be held accountable. However, i don’t think it’s unfair for the offending player to be “suspended” from the alliance. Meaning that, for a period of time, the offending player is unable to use chat, alliance chat, participate in war, hit titans, or any other alliance- or chat-based options.

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When I am in a room that someone running big ads , or is spamming, or I just don’t care for their comments, whatever. My solution is block them so I don’t see them. ( not reporting) , it just makes it easier for me to see the comments I want to see.
They do their thing, I do mine.
. . .
But I still say we need more rooms.
Like a Second recruiting room for diamond level players only or players with 50+XP.
And a Third recruiting room for players with less than 50 XP.
Or A titan talk room.
Or whatever. We just need More rooms so people can have conversations.

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