In game chat doesn't work

Confirmed several people on Line, from different alliances.


Chat is back :slightly_smiling_face:

We had a short maintenance break for the in-game chat, my apologies for the inconvenience! The chat should be back now. :slight_smile:


@Petri im invisible in the chat, i write but nobody can’t see me! Please helpe me with this bug!

Please contact SG directly (scroll down and click “Submit a Request” link at the bottom, or—if you are on a mobile—the three lines link at the top; either will work):

In line chat is still not working for me. It just hangs in processing.

Thanks @rook i did the way you told me, i hope this problem can be solved!

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Have you followed the instructions in the post above yours?

(Also, usually the easiest way to get your mobile device back up to snuff is to turn it off and on again…if that doesn’t work, please contact SG as described above.)

O try everything i could, but it doesn’t work, and i still invisible in the chat

When you’ve turned off (and on) the game, your device and you’re still locked out, that’s a good time to contact Game support:

Scroll to the bottom, click “Submit a Request” to start the process. :slight_smile: