In events we get better odds. Post here your results for getting the heroes of the Grimm event

SG always say there’s a better chance to get certain heroes in events.

I’d like to see the results as in how many pulls you had to get a certain hero during Grimm event, so we can see if it is beter chance. Off course it would be better if SG published normal chance and event chance which they don’t so having the estimated figures for pulls we must look what the event figures are. So please put the pulls for the event heroes and the colour which should give better chance. ( i think it will be red) :smiley:

Will we have any event today? What’s the point of creating a topic now?

We already get the event update, (1.12.5) according to @petri. So why not now this topic so people know and can prepare :smiley:

Mainly because it will bury under all the other posts before the event starts in 2 weeks.
Also, where it has been stated that the pull chances are better during event?

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