In-efficient & unnecessary Valhalla Forever - Farming

Am I the only one who finds Valhalla Forever (VF) Farming:

  1. in efficient compared to Atlantis Rising resources.
  2. Boring to search for Gnomes that RARELY show-up & are capped to 20… still can’t get those 20 :sweat_smile:

Only benefit of VF is higher XP at base play till 10.10 & lower flag cost to play the balance levels…
using extra WE flasks / refill seems a waste in my experience… if more resources are not available, the key to playing this game…

What do you say? Am I missing out on seeing something ?
Should the game make VF similar to Atlantis Rising as for many of us the difference is only the AR coins…?!


Its trash compared to AR but at least stages are cheaper


I am playing VF for me to complete the last missions from the Mission tab. I don’t buy loot tickets and WE flasks anymore but only hoard them specifically for VF. Not anymore interested in the special monsters that come during Atlantis Rising and Valhalla Forever as it will only cause frustrations. If they appear, we’ll and good. If they don’t, it’s not the end of the world.


No reason to waste WE flasks on Valhalla Forever. All Valhalla Forever means to me is a chance to complete the avatar missions a little quicker, and instead of using S1 to fill my monster chest, I’ll use S3.


Exactly this 1000%!


Same as quite a few in this thread.
Only thing from VF for me is the opportunity for new/different Avatars… and even then it’s not really my thing lol

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Waste of time!! Open the portal and just play a few levels on Hard to one day get to completion… I have a little more love this morning as I pulled Alfrike and yang mai :joy:



I haven’t finished S3 yet. I use VF to finish it at cheaper cost. That’s pretty much main benefit for me. I still prefer using hoarded loot tickets on S2 AR.


I’m in a similar position with regards to just using VF to finish S3. ( normal down hard still to go) This is just cheap energy to do the levels, if I get gnomes during it great, if not fine. Flasks are only for AR unless there is a need to do levels for POV plus rare quests etc.


It is already discussed since the begining of VF.
Which is better: Atlantis Rising or Valhalla Forever?

So, IMO,… VF best is for complete seasson, avatar mission, and exp farming S3-10-10 (if we want to focus on exp), but do not use WE and Ticket, because those are for AR.


VF has X2 farm efficiency while AR has X3 farm efficiency. So this means I save my flasks for AR, but I still use all my excessive WE to auto-farm S3 during VF. Why wouldn’t I?


I finished S3 hard just before this VF … and I just can’t get into the swing of S4 so have left it for now. Why is it so expensive in WE …

Haven’t yet reinstalled the game to check out s4, but it is the age of question: Why would SG do anything for the actual enjoyment and gameplay experience of its players?

I was using VF to complete hard, which I just did today. In terms of general resources such as crafting mats and low-level ascension mats AR has a much better return per flag ratio. However, I have found that gnomes consistently appear more than seadragons, and I actually prefer most of their alternative drops to coins - the ham boxes, the emblems, the nuggets and dragon bones.

Now that I have no more levels to complete each subsequent cycle I will just try to find a sweet-spot for auto-farming gnomes


It’s diabolical. I did however get 2 x 20 yesterday and 1 collection of food and iron storables. Took about 70,000 exp??

If you use discord, message me; Steve1965#0318.

@Homaclese : I too find gnomes appear regularly while doing the hard levels as I too am completing VF hard during this cheap WE period. Yesterday two gnomes showed up twice during hard levels.

Farming for gnomes in WE efficient 10.10 & below is a lottery & resource quality / quantity os poor, hence have chosen to only use my freely available WE flags & hold the flasks for AR, where all resources like : Bag-packs, sword, nuggets, roots, metal ores, crude iron, large bone, leather strips are available in plenty for 300 less XP per 3WE… which is fine by me.

Also, don’t find an logic to chase avatars… as resources are key to my play / fun… Hence I wrote this post to understand if I was missing something… which clearly seems similar to my experience.

I would be happy to know that sweet-spot for gnome farming if you can share. Thanks :grinning:

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I haven’t found a sweet spot per say… will have a chat to @sft1965 to see if he has some lore to share. But I think broadly speaking I want to target levels 25 to 32ish… I was getting probably 1 gnome every 2 levels.on average and my team was able to auto farm.

Quite a few times I have gotten 10 or 15 nuggets or dragon bones as a gnome drop (and quite often 1 or 2 come in regular loot) and ot would take a lot any other kind of farming for me to get an equivalent haul. The 250 or 500k ham drops are pretty nice too…

Walhalla is bad for farming comparing to Atlantis. The gnomes are a bad joke - 100 fights and one Gnome and 3 Embleme - yeah. To find coins is impossible. The only reason why I am playing Walhalla is to earn experience. But I do not use any world energy for it. It is a bad investment.
So Walhalla for never is my title. I really ask myself, how long SG need to check, that there is something going wrong in season 3. I still hope that they do not wants to frustrate the people and change the conditions e.g. more gnomes or a higher chance to get an adäquate reward.

So see what happens - looking forward to season 4.

Cheers Reder

Haha dunno if this funny or embarrassing :joy:
Sent a message on the mod discord saying I just got emblems from a stage in Valhalla.
@Guvnor you says got a gnome dude.
I Didn’t see it or even notice it, didn’t even cross my mind.
Thats how much VF meens to me I guess :woman_shrugging: :confused::joy:

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