In desperate need for shield, stuck in ascending Elkanen

HELP ANYONE!!! I’v been stuck, trying to ascend elkanen, but I’m short on sturdy shield. Any ideas how I can go around this? Thanks.

It depends on many things. If u r in an alliance that kill 4* titans, you don’t have many chances. You just have to keep playing and hopeing. Nobody can help it. Sorry

Also, when come the events, you should play the whole event (rare, epic, legendary). I don’t know ur lvl, power.

welcome to the club!

Shrikewood rare quest drops a shield on the 4th level. But TBH, I wouldn’t waste it on Elk. There are at least 8 green heroes that I would give it to first.

5* Lianna, Horghall, maybe even Kadilen
4* Melendor, Caedmon, Kasshrek, Little John, maybe even Skittles

Any Event or Atlantis green heroes
Any green HotM


What alliance is then advisable to join? And what titans bring about more of the shields.

Elkanen is much better than the half of those you mentioned. Just give him 4* mana troop so that he’s fast with extra heal and damage. He can be hard to kill and do nice damage.

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Sigh! Level : 24, Power : 2800

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Lol, that’s actually a good thing.

Not being able to ascend isn’t a good thing.

Not necessarily.

If in the meantime you get Lianna, you will be most pleasured to not had yet that shield.

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A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. If Elkanen is your best green, ascend him. Don’t pay attention to those who say wait. You may wait for a very very long time. Enjoy your max Elkanen in the meantime.

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You will have to wait half a year+ to fully ascend him.

YOU need titans like 8 or 9*. There YOU have more chances. ITS just like slot mashine…

Elkanen better than Lianna? Hard to be!

Elkanen is better than the 4* heroes, sure, but I’d still make sure to have at least one of Melendor and Caedmon before bothering with Elkanen, and I’d consider Kashhrek and LJ as well. 4* heroes are the backbone of any roster.

Of course, if the OP already has several of Melendor, Caedmon, Kashhrek, and LJ maxed, a case might be made to ascent Elkanen rather than wait for Lianna, Horghall, or green HotM or 5* event hero. Just beware buyer’s remorse, when you pull that Lianna shortly thereafter. :slight_smile:

I waited for lianna. No regrets. I don’t need 5* to crack the top 100, finish events, complete rare quests, or do soild titan damage on 10* and under though. So didnt see a need to max a meh hero with hard to get mats.

Always been the type of player that had a mental list of 5* i would max though, and was willing to wait for as long as it took

Horg, kad, pers, and leonidas sat on my bench over 6 months at top of 3rd tier with the necessary maxing mats in inventory.

Finally landed joon, drake, viv, lianna, alasie and maxed those instead. Did max pers after alasie for wars though.

Not saying the same could or would happen to you, game is a gamble. You may never get a better hero, or a better hero may be just around the corner or a few months down the road.

At the end of the day max the hero you feel best adds something extra to your unique playstyle. Heros are tools, only hold as much value/use as the owner/user thinks they do