In Defense of Emblems

I see the emblem system taking a constant pounding from a lot of people on this forum. I’ve got a very different opinion on it than most:

It’s my favorite feature that’s been added to the game since I started playing.

Here’s my thoughts on a few under-appreciated things emblems have done:

+Added some variety to hero builds and strategies
+Gave late game players something to chase beyond trying to get that 45th 5* up to 4-80
+Added a way for the next rung down of players, those with only a few 5* and a lot of max 4* to be competitive in wars, titans and raids (even if they can’t afford to spend like crazy)
+Created a fun new feature for players just starting out to squeeze a little more life out of their Banes, Nashgars, and Valens

This system was introduced in a way that both F2P and whales could benefit, but perhaps benefits F2P players more–as you get more bang for your buck by spending emblems on 4*s early on, and there’s no way (yet) to buy tons of emblems.

For those frustrated that trial difficulty will increase:

True, but they’re also buffing a lot of our heroes. That means that the Borils of the world you may have never used, will also be tougher in the trials. It makes sense that the Trials would increase in difficulty, and frankly, I don’t think the last stage should be easy.

What’s wrong with having something to aspire to? Hope that frustration works to drive you to improve your teams and strategies.

Right now, they’re a tough a challenge for me, in a game that’s mostly devoid of tough quest based challenges outside of one weekend a month. I appreciate what the emblem system adds to the game, and I’m thankful for the cautious rollout they are using. I hope they will continue to make it so large quantities of emblems are NOT available in the store/offers, as I see this as one thing that could ruin this fine balance that they’ve struck.

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Liked because I could not agree more with your post. Well thought out and well articulated.


Well said. I too also really like the class system and the emblems. I don’t care one iota that they’ve increased the difficulty level of the 3rd tier, bring it on! I love it when games have things that are hard in them.


Nice post, and i agree that i really like the emblem system. I am one of those players with very few 5* heros, as i only have 4 5* heros total between two accounts. The emblem system has definitely allowed me to be more competitive with my 4*s.

That being said, it isn’t a perfect system, and there are criticism that should be acknowledged. But, overall, i agree that it is one of my favorite features that has been added to the game.


Agreed that it’s nice to have additional content for people to strive to get, but not sure I agree with it adding variety to team builds… if anything, it’s completely sapped the variety that I used to play with because I don’t have many options to create a unique 5 class, rainbow defense. That’s the most frustrating part for me … I feel pigeon holed to having to keep the same 5 in defense and that’s a bit boring to me, I like to switch it up. Wish emblems would have been generic and able to be used on any hero you wanted… if I want 3 rangers, let me build that way… forcing me to pick one of every class for what seems will be at least a year of build time is less then ideal… in my opinion.

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That’s a fair criticism and an excellent point. Admittedly it is making me choose 9-10 heroes that are going to be my priority out of a roster of 70. However, it’s not like it’s removed my other heroes from playability, it’s just made cards like Proteus, Sabina, and even weird ones like that much more viable.

I do wish they’d spread all the awesome wizards out a little more to other classes, but as a work in progress goes, it should only get better as more options are added to build better class teams.

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Emblem makes raiding and war much harder period. I am already beginning to feel raiding against guin level 3 harder and in future, imba defence teams with high level emblems will make raiding very frustrating. We high level players have an arsenal of heroes to choose from but only a few selected heroes get emblems. We choose different heroes to go against different teams. With emblems, it throw the balance off in favour of defence teams because suddenly all teams are better off defensively whereas most of our teams of heroes remains unchanged.
If they want to make emblem system work, make sure to tweak raiding such as removing defensive advantage like increased attack and defence stat.

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At the end of the day though, they’re still the same heroes, they aren’t any more or less viable with emblems then they were before they were introduced … just because they removed our ability to emblem up all the “great” heroes together, doesn’t amount to bad heroes being better, better short term vs non emblemed greats… sure, but once everything is caught up, we’ll be back to where we started, just with a different power level. Also I think wars are going to get unmanageably difficult once there are clans out there with 80+20 defenses and all we have to attack all those defenses is our one rainbow team (or 2, depending on how well you plan and what heroes you have)… then everything else. It will feel like we’re bringing 4*s in to fight 5s… even though we have “great” 5s, which is sure to frustrate folks… and that’s not even mentioning how weak our 4s that didn’t get emblems are going to feel (which is a large part of my war roster)

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Yeah, I’d expect war scores across the board to decrease once that happens, but I personally don’t see that as a bad thing. Why should I be able to get 4-5 sweeps with my attacks just for showing up and getting good boards?

Alternatively, I might have to use teamwork with my allies to take down a 4-80-20 team with our undercards, it may take us a few flags–but that player put a lot of hours into building that 4-80-20 defense team, it’s kinda nice that it presents an extreme challenge to defeat.

Agreed that we will eventually get back to where we started, and the next new generation of players will have a much taller hill to climb without further balancing later–but, I think SG has bought themselves some time with the emblem system.

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Fair point about everyone having the same hill to climb in war, I can just see it being a real sour point for a lot of folks feeling as if the depth they built no longer has as much “value” in war. I’m all in either way, I enjoy the game and will keep progressing along and I’m happy they didn’t introduce 6*s outright… I mean, this is kind of what they’ve done, but they’ve done it in a way that’s allowed people to grow their existing rosters, which is far better then the alternative.

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