In attack goes the team, consisting only of healers! Rainbow!

A team of healers kills the team 4690 in the RAID. Video for those who like to watch someone put their pants over their head. )))


Interesting way to go. Wouldn’t recommend this strategy against most teams though, but it certainly worked in this specific case. I think a big part of why it could work here, there was no healer on the enemy team, only Elkanen has some self-healing ability. And it was somewhat of a struggle to take him down… after that it was just a matter of slowly chipping away at everyone else while not dying (or staying dead…), which a reviver and 4 healers are pretty good at together of course. Also a factor was that none of the tank or flanks dealt very high or concentrated damage, so it was easy enough to heal from the incoming damage with all that healing power on the team.

So while unorthodox, it worked and it’s a different approach than I think most people would take, it’s nice to see something different sometimes. Against this specific team it is maybe one of the more low risk ways to go, even if it takes a long time (if necessary the increasing tie breaker damage in the end would’ve been more and more advantageous to the attacking team in the end, but it didn’t have to go far into that).

Sometimes doing something new or different, or seeing someone else do it, helps to broaden the mind with new strategy ideas, which is always good. It’s easy to get stuck using the same team formations over and over. Thanks for sharing.


It was just an experiment, just fun… but it turned out to be fun and interesting, so we decided to publish this video on the channel.))) I think you don’t often get to see this. )))

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