In app purchase update. Jan 2018

As you have explained it’s Apple not yourselves adjusting prices.

I have raised this issue before and to be honest think it’s unbelievable that people round the world pay different prices for the same in game item.

10000 gems in the US cost $99.99
Same in the U.K. cost £99.99 = $133.60

So not only are the UK paying $33 more now! We also get the pleasure of a 10% rise in the new year. So we are going to be paying 40% more for gems.

I cannot purchase more items knowing I am getting shafted.

It’s interesting to note WHO sets the VAT prices. It’s not SG:


Are you buying in USD or the local currency? I ask because the world typically doesn’t coordinate it’s pricing so that we all pay the same for the same item no matter where we are…the reverse would be that when I come visit the UK I should get a discount because the currency is more valuable and the $10 hamburger now costs me $13 USD. Should that institution be forced to drop the price to give me that $10 US burger for the same price in the UK?

Unless because I am limited in playing app based games this is a common practice (flat price setting for purchased no matter the location) and this is a deviation to the well established norm…

I never expect to get “home” prices in another country. Currency conversion has been going on forever.

I’m a player too: this is news to me.

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I haven’t blamed SG and I know prices differentiate world wide.

I have no issue paying “home” prices but an online line virtual world where we get the same things should have such a vast difference.

It’s like me waiting 1 day for a build and you waiting 2 because we are in different countries. It wouldn’t be fair because we are playing the same game.

Fair enough tax me for whatever reason but 40% more??

I don’t like the rate at all, but the internet is not “free”, it is provided by countries, and those countries set the VAT tax.

(I still would love to find an article regarding Apple and Googleplay’s involvement in setting in-app price tiers.)

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I brought this subject up months ago but got forwarded an article regarding Apple setting prices. I contacted Apple and made a complaint. A few of us did, one person got a refund and other got told no.

Nope, it’s not.
So who lives in New York city have to pay like someone who lives in Bangkok?

Do you think that an employee in Bankok has the same salary of an employee in New York city?

But how!? They have the same job!

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Just making sure we have the original post in front of us. Per SG, it is Android prices that are affected:

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Another F2P MMO I play lets you log in to your account from an Apple or Android device, so families with both were logging into the family’s one Android device to buy in game currency at a discount, then each family member would log into their Apple devices to play. In that game, the last IAP adjustment stopped that practice. But the situation varies from game to game.

Heh, if I could get my salary or anywhere close to it in Bangkok I’d be gone. Hasta la vista style.

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This sucks, I am from South Africa, our currency is down the drain and its horrible against the dollar and pound. This is the main reason i dont purchase anything in mobile games anymore…

$99 equals ±R1500 in my currency thats half of a persons montly rent on a property ( a flat or 2-3 bedroom house).

For a person to grasp this concept they must calculate earning in dollars and expenses in dollars…the same goes for other currencies…look at what currency is earned and the living cost of that currency.

To simply compare a dollar to a Rand or a pound to a yen is not favourable to anyone except the game developers/owners.


Io so solo che in Italia sono aumentati del 10% e sicuramente meno appetibili all’acquisto…oltretutto che quando le usi sconvolte il 90% 3* stelle…io se fossi nei produttori del gioco…metterei in preventivo una buona petdita…

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Hi, Rook
tell me please, if I’ll chose another country code in google account, f.e. India, I ’ ll become another prise. I can bay VIP 30% cheeper, is this a norm for google?

Truthfully I have never tried to do this, so I don’t know how it would work out.

I do know some countries (USA for example) get better deals than other countries, though I thought that was due to the varying taxes (VAT) that different countries pay.

Thanks, if I’ do it, if I’ll bay gems with another country code, it 'll not be a problem for SG and for me?

I will not be banned by the developers?

I do not know.

You might want to read the Terms of Service and/or the FAQ, looking for this topic.

Personally, I don’t change codes.

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