In alliance chat -- how to link another player's profile?

I have seen this done, but can’t seem to figure out how to do it myself. When the game generates an auto message, like “bob left the alliance”, you cannot click on the blue name “bob”. It’s static. But I have seen it done by other players making the post manually where they get something to show up like “@bob is gone”. And then you click the “@bob” and it links you to bob’s player info, where you can see his defense team, current alliance, time wiht that alliance, etc. But when I try to create a message like that it doesn’t work to just type “@bob”. Anybody know how to do this properly?

If he has posted in the chat within the last 24 hrs, then you can click on it and it will show you what you’re after


Also if Bob hit the current titan, clicking on their profile pic will show you their current whereabouts. Is that what you’re asking?


I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but here goes. Search for @bob, click on the URL and copy it. Then proceed to write your post and use the link URL (chain icon), insert the URL and insert a description (e.g @bob will not cooperate) that masks the URL. Voila!!

E.g. Steve is Furious

Edit, URLs as far as I can tell are not active in alliance chat.

No u cant in alliance chat… !