In a vacuum, who would you choose to level?

Opinions please:

In a vacuum, which one hero would you ascend?

  1. Elena from 2/60 to 3/70
  2. Khagan from 2/60 to 3/70
  3. Falcon from 3/60 to 4/70
  4. Lancelot from 3/60 to 4/70
  5. Scarlett from 3/60 to 4/70

I have 6 hidden blades, 2 rings and zero Damascus blades. When I do get enough rings, Azlar is going to 4/80 next (just finished Marjana).

I am leaning towards either Khagan or Falcon. Titans and Raid offense are my my goals.

Id go with Guardian Falcon or (not having Boldtusk or Kiril) Sir Lancelot.

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Ask yourself why you don’t have maxed Falcon yet.

Bad player! BAD!


Thanks. I do have BT and Kiril maxed. Looking like Falcon.

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I stood in front of the mirror just now and asked myself that very question @Elpis. Nothing I could do but hang my head in shame. The Emperor had no clothes (I often play E&P in my birthday suit) :slight_smile:

The truth hurts sometimes. I hope I can recover my reputation one day…


So it is written, so shall it be done:


On his own, the Falcon doesn’t actually seem the greatest of red heroes to level. I personally wouldn’t level him without having other red 4* or better leveled first. He’s a force multiplier though - once you do have other reds to put into the team with him, the Falcon comes into his own as a valuable hero.

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Just running WuKong, Boldtusk + Falcon on events is amazing.

Running WuKong, Boldtusk, Falcon + Almost any other red hero on green titans is also insanely good.

You absolutely made the right choice in ascending him.

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Thanks Paulon. Absolutely agree about Falcon’s synergy with other reds being the key. I do have a max Marjana, Boldtusk and Gormek along with a 3/70 Natalya and 3/70 Azlar. So I have some other reds for him to play with! Lol.

Many thanks for the affirmation! Now I feel that I waited too long now! Ha, ha (have him at 4/30 already and climbing)

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