In a vacuum, which 5*s would you ascend?

I know this is more team nuance than anything, but humor me. :smile:

Put yourself in my shoes: You have 2 tome of tactics, and the following 5* sitting at 3/70 with all other requisite ascention mats. Which two do you choose to ascend right now?

Red Hood

To add a little more color, your main rainbow squad at this point is a mixture of the above and Inari (4/60), 2x Proteus (4/70/6), Wilbur (4/35), Hansel (3/30), and Kiril (4/70). (Obv with a bunch of other players, but these are my main squeezes.)

Lmk your thoughts!

(OT: First topic creation, so bear with me. :crazy_face: If I knew how to create a poll here I def would.)

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In order of preference

  1. Seshat
  2. Redhood
  3. Marjana
  4. Ranvir
  5. Elkanen
  6. Groot

Also: To build a poll:


I’d say Ranvir, Redhood, Ses, Marj, Elk then Groot in a vaccum. Reason being, Ranvir is super Wu, Wu is a main staple in getting folks through quests and helping them punch above their limits, you get mats from titans and quests mostly, he’ll help you advance faster, Redhood cause heal, although I don’t prefer her as a main healer and Ses for fast snipe and dispel. Now if you have a better healer and if you have Wu maxed or Tarlak… that changes the order obviously.


Thanks! Super helpful.

So this was pretty much the order I was thinking, too - but flip Ranvir and Seshat. The logic for Ranvir is def sound though, and I don’t have a leveled Wu. (I had started down that path, but then pulled a Ranvir and slammed on the brakes.)

Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

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My opinion is you should be building them on-colour only as a rainbow group… why waste 20 percent of resources for short term gain?

My order would be Seshat, Red Hood, Ranvir, Marjana, Elk, Groot. Ranvir jumps to the front if you don’t do Raiding

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With ToT as a limiting factor, the OP can’t ascend five 5*.

I put Ranvir and Seshat at the top of the list. I got Red Hood on release, and I’m really underwhelmed by her. At the end of a typical war, she’s still sitting on my bench (I have 37 maxed 5*, and use a few 4* on offense, but that still puts Red Hood in the bottom ~25% of my 5* team).

  • Ranvir is for titans principally. Doing well on titans is the key to a steady flow of rare mats. He’s also useful on many quests and to,up-hunt.
  • Seshat is Guin’s nemesis, and as you raid up you will see more and more Guinevere tanks. She’s an improved Domitia.

Ah. Need to read more closely when grocery shopping w my wife… anyway, I agree Seshat is top choice. Pairs well with the Prot twins in a stack too.

Rav is tempting but depends on the titans the OP is facing. 8* and under he can sit at 3/70 and do his job okay, in which case Marj might be a nice pairing to go with Wilbur on offence.

Groot - nah.

Elk - better than most people think, but I’d push Hansel to cover green for the time being.


Without reading the rest and since you only have 2 tomes, I would suggest the below:

Seshat - always good to have powerful snipers since you are lacking in that department and she is the strongest on your list

Ranvir - a hero that enables you to make big hits on a titan is always welcomed

If your list does not change and you get to up another, it should be Marjana.

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Ranvir, Marjana, seshat, Red hood, Elkanen, horgall. In that order.

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#1 Seshat because she’s amazing
#2 Ranvir (if you don’t have Tarlak, or want a sturdier Wu for 12*+ titans) or Red Hood
#3 Whichever one you didn’t choose above
#4 Marjana because she’s a decent sniper; she’s versatile and has her place, but just not as special as the above listed

The other two I wouldn’t be maxing unless you’re stacked with mats and have no other heroes to ascend. If that happens, I’d do Elkanen next, Horghall last.


Sesh and Ranvir, followed by Marj. Red is a VERY distant 4th place.

Sesh is just flat good, and shouldn’t need much explanation. A solid sniper, a minion that essentially serves as a recurring self heal, and specially built for Guin assassinations (though your roster leads me to believe that’s a long ways off in your future).

Ranvir is top dog for Titan damage if you don’t have Tarlak, and is far better for raids and defense than he is given credit for.

Marj is a red sniper, and the only of her kind. She hits a bit light for a sniper but her burn somewhat compensates for that, plus you literally don’t have any alternatives.

Red is a wildly overrated 5* healer. Yes, average mana heals are good but her heal is quite lackluster and to compensate for that she deals ~100 damage to all enemies… the foxes resisting mana cut is practically irrelevant since if you can get to average mana Guin should already be dead.


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