Improvment ideas

Some ideas to improove E&P:

  • skip building/crafting/training partially. if i have 200 gems i want to skip for sometime of building new lvl of citadel. You may add that function, when i can choose how many gems i want to spend on it.
  • gems market. Place when i can sold useless items for some gems (not many of it of course). Not all of it, make some limitation. Market opens once a week for 1 day only.
  • new update for Mine - Gem mine. Now you can start Descent. After 1 day you have chance to get some gems (5-10) or some iron, 15% less than mine give for that period
  • for iron and food storages: Packaging - making bundles like we can get in PoV (it’s realy usefull stuff)
  • New relic: North Wind - all farms give 25% more food, but mines and training camps loose 25% production efficiency. Lasts 24 hours
  • New relic: Earth of Iron - all mines give 25% more iron, but farms and training camps loose 25% production efficiency. Lasts 24 hours
  • New relic: Commando Trainer - all training camps give 25% more training speed, but mines and farms loose 25% production efficiency. Lasts 24 hours
  • new item - Free Rename (500 gems - robbery). may be add it into the event loot
  • new kind of quests - for backgrounds and pins and avatars.
  • hero roster - add groups, its very annoying collect attack team on wars, when 4*-5* heroes in one package with 1*-2*. sort not helps.
  • combat option: once at 7 turns you may randomly mix field, too much situations with no stones on field, it make sense on wars or raids, when you cannot take tornado
  • Alarm! - Waking up your allies with notification
  • Ultimate use after timeend on titan. Why titan attacs after the end of time, but we are not? Injustice! some animations take too much time, some titan ultimate animations take 4 seconds, small animations like burning or minion attacks take few seconds, let us kick titans asses with charged ultimates after battle. Or remove after battle healing on wars.

LOOT. Yeah. You need to refine reward system.

  • Remove all 1-2 trash from it**. our inventories fool of it. We can get it on map.
  • More graduation between chests.

Daily chest - cheap. We can get 2 of it at the day, so it’s ok.

Heroes chest - more difficult. There is difference between arenas - gold, platinum, diamond and etc. and difference between loot hard to see. So i can get 2 heroes chests on gold arena with 4000+ team without any problems, or i can take 1 chest in 2 days on diamond arena and get same loot. There is too small difference between arenas.

What chances for me to get rare 4 item on gold? on diamond? There is no information in game, please note it like it made on summon information tab*.

Titan chest. So. I need 5 days to get this chest and what can i get. 1*-2* and MAYBE epic token. Maybe you can give more gems or emblems for this chest? Again, there is no information in the game about chances to get rare loot in this chest

War chest. It became garbage. 5 wars, 2,5 weeks, and it is if you are lucky. and for what? 1*-2*, daily tokens, 3* item, 4* crafting item that i can get on map. Very dissapointing.
Once at month you can put a better reward for your players.

Titan loot. how about graduation by lvl, team power and damage dealt, not only by last one? If i have 20 lvl and 3200 team power and i deal 100k damage for 3 combats on 8* titan - it’s cool, but if i have 65 lvl, 4500+ team power and deal 100k damage it is weak, first guy deserve more reward then other for the same damage dealt

I think it’s enough for now, please chek out this ideas, I think you find some of them useful

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