Improving wars – 8 flags and no cleanups allowed

Long time player here.40 maxed 5*.
So wars are becoming stagnant so ive been thinking of wars to improve them.
Option 1)increase the number of hits to 8
Option 2) no cleanups(you take a shot and score accordingly)opponent becomes unavailable to hit after one shot

I’ve seen this suggested before. I’ll try to see if I can find the thread so you can read through it. Not suggesting a merge as you have another option listed as well.

Where would you go from there?

  • If you have a full alliance of 30 on the board (for example), if every hit missed - what would happen? Since the team wasn’t killed the reset timer couldn’t start.
  • If no cleanups are required and even 1 miss was made, the board couldn’t be reset.

Just some thoughts… not saying good or bad, but more information on your thoughts would be good for discussion.


So basically with option 2,everyone must attempt oneshots(nobody really likes cleanups anyway).
Once all 30 opponents have been attacked,the board resets.i guess you could keep the timer,and let the respawn like do now.

I got another idea on the war as well. Don’t block the heroes that I have left after an attack. If, let’s say, I go in with 5 heroes, and after I win the attack, I still have 2 heroes left on the field, let them be available for my next flag.

This would open some doors for the new players as well, who don’t have 6 full flags of heroes when they reach the warminimum level, but still wanna war…


If you are in an alliance that isn’t all 4400tp teams you have plenty of room and need for cleanups. In fact I sometimes use my lower teams for cleanups and I have been playing for almost 2 years. Sometimes strategy is for someone to punch holes in the heavy teams for cleanups. I do like the change of how many hits or when they are acquired.


I look at good and bad of an issue before making a decision, so don’t take this as attacking your idea :rofl: I see some issues with this idea. It could be manipulated by those who like to play the Grey area of things. I’m always cautious of those thing, because if I can think of them then I know others can think of many more. Lol

  • For alliances with mixed levels of defense, the lower teams could be used to hit those 4k+ teams that everyone’s afraid of. Get the hits in, reset the board (even though not everyone is killed) and get back to those easier kills without waiting for the respawn timer.
  • For alliances where most only have 3 good teams (for example), the players could use those unleveled heroes to do the same thing for a reset. When the lower teams are available, use their stronger heroes to keep killing them.

Just a couple scenarios. Both negate the reason for putting up a really strong defense - wasting your opponents flags.


This could be something understandable for higher players or alliances with high developed rosters… But there would be no benefits at all for new players or lower alliances… Also this would take the concept of “team work” out of the equation, basically the final score would be the sum of individual accomplishments and no the team effort… clean ups are the way new players can take advantage of their limited rosters…

I know it could be really interesting new approaches on wars, I think having same variations we have on tournaments (rush attack, bloody battle, element restrictions and even hero * restrictions) could be interesting…


Maybe make it so you as an individual couldn’t hit the same team twice. After you attack it once it could be setup so that team is just like your heroes you used. That way it would require your alliance to have to use multiple members to clear opponents multiple times. I will try to explain better. So say you are attacking Bob with your first hit and regardless of your result you can now not attack Bob for the remainder of war. For Bob to be taken out 3-4 times in a war it has to be by at least 3-4 different members of your alliance. This will change strategy a lot I think.

Only the fallen should be unavailable for the next flag and everybody should get 9 flags, 3 new every 6 hours. That was realistic.

Dead ones on the defenses should be replaced after each battle by predifined others up to say 15 before those places would stay empty until the end.

If one alliance will be completely wiped out, the war could be over and the alliance still alive could get a kill bonus.

Then maybe 2 or 3 of about 10 different rules could randomly apply for each new flagwave.

Every say 3rd or 4th war could be max 4* heroes.

All this would make wars much more interesting imo.

So are you wanting 2 separate war set ups? Cause for the regular player, clean ups are a bi* part of the war game. I know, I am the Queen of the Clean. Lol
For the first year of playing I was the lowest leveled player in my alliance. We did great in wars, but cuz of the mix of players we had, the clean up was a major part of our war strategy.
In my little alliance now, it is as well. It is how the lower level players learn.
I’m not being negative, I’m just not sure I understand how you would expect such a radical change to really work.
Unless you had tiered wars. The higher tiered alliances would require each player to have the 30+ maxed 5*s, and troops of at least level 25…
I like the idea of something new for those that are getting bored thō👍

This is an interesting concept, but focusing on defenses would make a better quality-of-war change. With the emblems getting high now, they have to figure out a way to force multiple defenses from each player into the war. I honestly don’t care what system they use, just make people set up more than one.

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This is how we do wars already…lol for most part anyhow.

What if you had to set up 3 separate war defenses that would run consecutively. If the opponent took out your top defense instead of waiting for you to respawn it would post you number 2 defense and so on. It would promote people to level their rosters with more depth. Once the opponent has gone through all your defenses than you are deemed dead for the remainder of war.

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Now that’s an idea! I need to think on it a

So regarding the issue of lower alliances not having 30 heros.this definately would be heres my solution.
Spilt wars like raiding.two tier withs appropriate rewards.perhaps the top 64 or 128 war scores use the one shot approach.those below stay the same.
speaking for myself ,it kills me(lol)doing cleanups so id love to be able to just do 6 attacks instead

Can’t you just use it in your alliance strategy? Stronger players try to do 6 one shots. Lower level players do clean up?


We are top 10,everyone has 30+ maxed one likes/wants to clean up.
Im sure most of the top 50 alliances have 30+ too

Theres a lot of other changes id suggest too,but these devs dont like to change much,and any ideas we have must be very easy to implement or they just wont bother.moving from 6 to 8/9 hits would be a good start anyway…its way overdue.

This would definitely be better for very long time players. I certainly dont use all of my heroes every war. But 8 flags is very time consuming and if it overlaps on days of raid tournaments or event challenge quests, it would be too much for me.

The low hanging fruit I see would be to apply more of the raid tournament rules to alliance wars. No yellow rush attack alliance war 4* would be so cool. But also difficult for anyone who hasnt been around a very long time…

These suggestions are all great for the top 1 to 5% of alliances but what about everyone else for whom cleanup is a necessity and many members can’t do one-shots?

My alliance ranges from 2100 to 4300 in defense TP. Sometimes we face alliances where everyone is 3500-4000 TP. Should we condemn our lower powered members to a constant 0 to 5 points in wars? Should we say they can’t fight wars until they reach a certain TP level? That would be worse. At least doing cleanup they can feel like they’re contributing until they develop stronger teams.


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