Improving special skill of a hero


I’ve been trying to improve my fully ascended hero’s special skill. I collected 10 heros of the same color (half were 2* and half were 1*) with 30% chance, and it still did not improve. My hero has 3/8 skill and it only improved upon ascension, even though I always try to use the same element for training. It’s frustrating, since Ive waisted so much time and food for nothing. Any tips? TIA

Trouble with special skills increasing?

Terrible luck with no improvement except ascension. Nothing else you can do except to keep trying. I will say based on my experience (read very limited sample) once i had a fully ascended hero that still needed increased specials, that the increases seemed less often than normal. It almost seems as if some heros have a harder time than others, but really it is all luck and rng


Do not eat your head too much. I have several 4 stars that are costing me and in Boldtussk for example, I reach 32 of the seghunda ascension with only a 5/8 using only red heroes, 3 and 2 stars coaches.


I noticed that Talisax, one of my heroes fully improved his skill even before I fully ascended him. I guess it’s time to get a new hero.


I would recommend not using any heroes to try to max a skill of a fully ascended hero. There is one caveat to this: only if you have nothing else you’re leveling. Put all your efforts into leveling other things, and then take your time with the skills. You will win more battles and do better with Titans with a varied team than you with 5% more damage on one hero’s attack.


All my others are are maxed out. I’m waiting on an epic hero right now, but it’s a 2 day wait for it. :frowning:


some heroes tend to require more than a 30% chance to increase the skill. If I have difficulty with a particular hero, I wait and get several 3 star and above heroes of that color to ascend. It takes more time but I never want to be on last level of ascension without a fully skilled hero. Patience is required with some heroes that is for sure. Once I have the hero at 8/8 skill that is the time that I feed it all the 1 and 2 star heroes of any color it can handle.


As Penari said, unless you don’t have anything else to level up and you’re doing fine with food and hero count, you could try go for the skill.

I had Bane max lvl 7/8 skill, it took me about 40 heroes 35 yellow and 5 of other color to max his skill… The best thing is to stack 10 of same color from the beginning.

I have notice a huge difference ever since doing that, and luckily I had 2 3* heroes 8/8 by the time I reached the 3rd ascension and after that you could use any color to quickly max out.

PS: where you from Elena?


Thanks for the tip. I’m from Baltimore, MD


This is crazy, I’ve been trying to level up my yellow hero for a a while now, even using all 10 yellows to do that. And nothing. I just used one single * red Tudan, by himself and the skill improved! I don’t get it.


You have been unlucky before, and now you were lucky with the 1*.

Leveling hero special skill can feel like a lottery.


I think it’s really just random. Keep pumping heroes out of your training camps to feed your main guys and that’s all you can do.


Honestly I think it cycles: for a while, I get great results feeding all one color 2*s to my intended hero, then it dries up…so I switch to “rainbow” feeding and get joy again…until it dries up. I switch back and forth when I feel that one method isn’t working…


I personally had bad luck with some heroes lately, even though adding 10 of same colors, now I switched the strategy a little bit, I only add 1* heroes of same color to 3* heroes and 2* on 4* heroes.

The thing is, 3* heroes with 5/8 or 6/8 etc. at max lvl, you can try stack heroes on and on for skill, but it’s depressing having a 4* at 3rd ascension max level hanging on at 5/8 for example and wait for ascension materials, without being able to try finish the skill.


I find it best when leveling up to use the same character until they reach 10. Use this on 1,2, and 3 star people and then when you have 10 of same color use to upgrade your character. It takes time but you will get better results through accession process. About 40% or better and use trainer heroes.