Improving Rewards for Game Missions

Any thoughts about improving rewards for in game missions? 800 million in food collection takes years (?) to accomplish & 30 gems is a very underwhelming reward. I can buy some arrows or a mana potion in the shop… It just feels like such a milestone in game dedication should pay off in a far greater way. 2600 gems or a ten pull feels like a more fitting reward. Just a thought.

Those missions should have at least one more zero behind the current reward.

Mats man, mats is what we need as a rewards for that 800 million. LOL

I been playing daily and very active in this game and I am only on 151 million from that 800 million and I have to agree 30 gems seems like they are just making fun of you and laughing in your face with that reward. I feel this one in particular which would takes years to acheive should get ya at least a 10 pull in epic, by time you actually get those 800 million you would have so many heros in your roster that a 10 pull epic will seem like a nothing anyway.

Same with getting avatars, personally I am not into them but I know some are, to me they are a useless reward that says “here’s a ton rubbish for your hard work in achieving these goals”.

I have often thought that about the missions .

Good luck in getting a change though.

Here is question! It would be interesting to know how many players have actually acheived that goal so far as I even dout the year old players have reached it yet and if they say they did I would like know how.

Having my food storage and stronghold full and calculating the daily amounts collected in a 24hr period times 1 year which totals around 67.7 million then divided into the 800 million it would take 11.8yrs to complete. So let’s this just an average and based on my own collects having reached 151 million in a year (but let’s be be kind and say 200 million a year allowing for other food gathering resources ) it would still take your 4 years to complete.

I dout the game would be around that long.

The gem rewards are very light indeed. I would be happy to see more avatar missions.

Most of the missions are just about being active for a (sometimes, very very) long time. I don’t really bother as you cannot do much anyway.

What I would like to see are missions that involve real playing, where you have to do something you wouldn’t do in your usual daily grind, not just waiting until they are finished. A few ideas:

  • defeat the Dark Lord with a team of 3* heroes or lower
  • have a winning streak of XYZ fights in the gold/platinum/diamond arena
  • defeat a 4000+ team with an all animal attack team 20 times
  • have a diamond in every colour on the board
  • defeat ten 2500/3250/4000+ teams with only sorcerers (or only paladins etc.)
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Do u think they would ever consider as a reward for the more difficult missions some of the rare artifacts that normally only come from chests? Above anything thats the one thing that I would LOVE to c. Not sure if that would b possible?

I dont know if this has been discussed before or no, but the missions in game have silly rewards regarding the effort it needs to complete some missions specially:

  • Collect food V (collect 800M food from farms) and the reward is 30 Gems
  • Defeat Titans V (Defeat 500 Titan) and the reward is 30 Gems

i have been playing since end of Jan 2018 and rarely have my farms or gets full before collecting (happened for few times while i was travelling and had limited access to game), for the titans we kill around 5 or 6 a week and am still on just below 400M on food and 85 on the titans
is there any possiblty that they will revise the number of kills or the reward at least where you need to kill a titan daily for 16months+ (after reaching Defeat Titans V)

and i would like to know if someone have killed that much, i know some of the mercs on the old days maybe have reached it or close to finish it but how long did it take you to complete it?

I know of three OG players that completed it while mercing and they were averaging roughly 4x a day I think it was. But that back before mercing was nerfed. Also I doubt that they will revise them, but I could see them adding more to them. Good thread though @Expired

While not a big deal, anyone every notice the Missions tab and ever review the gem rewards. Its not a big deal I guess as I dont find myself paying attention to it and only notice when i randomly see an exclamation point notifying me that i have achieved something…but…

I noticed that I have a goal of killing 500 titans …no small feat…probably 1.5 to 2 years to achieve based on math and the potential for not killing every single one that i see…and the reward??? 30 freaking gems…lol…

I mean i got 10 in a raid chest today and 9 and 15 for both find gems quest per week. .plus countless other small amounts in other quests/rewards…

So 2 years of my life utilizing countless craftables is only valued at 30 gems. .jeez…


100% agree with this. It would also be nice to add more missions once they are all complete. But they definitely need to increase the reward for some of them

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The gem rewards are utterly laughable compared to the work involved to accomplish them.

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I once suggested that there are cumulative rewards… You beat easy, it open up medium, beat that, opens up a hard, and have increasing difficulty until you hit a ‘rare’ quest with better loot tables.
Another idea is instead of a static amount of food/iron, have the ‘resource’ quests give out %s … 3 stages of the quest

Stage 1 = (easy = 5%, med =10% hard = 15%) refill of either iron or food
Stage 2 = 10 / 15 / 20% refill
Stage 3 = 15 / 20 / 25% refill

You have to beat the easy resource quest, which will respawn in time at medium difficulty, beat it and in time it spawn the hard difficulty for resources. That way the resource gain to energy expenditure would be more appropriate. There would be a drive to actually pursue the resource quests.

Alternate idea is to have a constant ‘rare’ questline available that requires ‘x’ amount of keys to unlock. Say 3 keys to get into the rare quest.
Keys are dropped as loot on final stage of a hard map.
To get the hard map you have to beat easy map, then wait for medium map to spawn and beat it, then wait for hard map to spawn to beat it to get a ‘key’ on the final stage.
So this would require people to use the energy on the questlines even the ‘easy’ ones to progressively work towards entrance to the ‘rare’ quest… ? Does that make sense?
It would also be able to be controlled by the spawn timers on the easy/med/hard maps… so you couldn’t just run through em. have a 18 hour delay between maps once they are beaten. Which would take minimum of like 7 days to be able to attempt the rare.

Does anyone else think the mission of ‘Defeat 500 Titans’ for a reward of 30 gems to be plain ridiculous?

I moved your post under a similar topic, requesting that the mission rewards be improved :slight_smile: I encourage you to add your vote to this request so it becomes more visible

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Gonna bump this again.
Still feels as if the rewards for food collecting and titan kills are not on par at all with the time that is needed to complete the quest.
At the stage you complete it, 30 gems is a joke and feels more like an insult than a ‘reward’.
Find gems 2 2 times almost gets you the same amount… And that’s a quest you can do on auto when you are playing that long.

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Actually i just recently finished 800m food mission and it took close to 1.5 years. Time is what you need in this game, relax and enjoy the moment.