Improving Rare Titans

Simple change: a rare n* titan is guaranteed to drop n of the special items. So a 10* Rare tiger drops 10 mystic rings.

Edit: if n is too many, then n/2.


That’s an interesting idea. I’m not sure if the code they have will easily support new colors like that, but definitely worth considering. I hadn’t seen this idea, so thanks for mentioning it and linking it!

Hmm, maybe. Do you imagine it would drop them to the top n ranked players in that case, or that the distribution would still be random, but the drop rate for the bonus roll would effectively be vastly increased?

That’s clever. It very organically grows the amount of loot, and actually gives some direct meaning to the star ranking.

Are you worried that it might encourage people to go into smaller alliances in order to up their chance at rare titan loot, or do you think the other advantages of a big alliance will outweigh?

The regular loot day-to-day from the lower-level titans a small alliance can take down is incentive enough to be in a full, or nearly full alliance. One could cap the AM % chance at 50% just to be careful.

Random by whatever logic is currently used. I don’t know if the AM drop is completely random today or weighted. So just a big and proportional increase in odds.


This is an interesting idea.

There could also be an alternative play mode, e.g.:

A smaller alliance would have trouble with bigger titans, which is somewhat of a mitigating factor.

But this could also be addressed with a (members / 30) multiplier on the number of dropped items. So a full alliance gets the full number, and a smaller alliance gets proportionally fewer, but at the same drop rate.


Random seems like a good solution for avoiding competitive gunning for spots, though it still doesn’t address the underlying disappointment those doing well and getting nothing feel.

I think that goes back to the bad War Chest loot comparison:

@Zephyr1 @Kerridoc That was almost simultaneous. Great minds think alike apparently :smile: If you two are thinking a cap based on alliance size, that sounds good to me.

So are we thinking then that the month I proposed is a good frequency, or just keep the current frequency but up the loot to “capped sliding scale based on titan stars?”

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If the tooltip says “one AM drops to the alliance per titan star,” people will know what they’re getting. That might mitigate the disappointment effect.

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All variations with non-guaranteed loot point me to keeping current frequency. If the drop rate is increased at the expense of frequency, the likelihood of disappointment and frustration is high.


Agreed, as long as the frequency issue isn’t introduced.

Worth noting: with no change at all to the current system except disclosure of the drop rate percentage, people would likely be less surprised/disappointed.

I’m not sure I agree. People still despise the 5* drop rate from summonings, even though it’s published. Telling people the current drop rate will just confirm the feeling that rare titans are a waste of time. It needs to go up meaningfully.

I still think it should be raised dramatically. Just identifying that there are two improvements intertwined in the “know what they’re getting” statement earlier:

  • Knowing what to expect
  • Having actually decent chances
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Ok, now for the dumb question: if I edit the idea, does it reset the votes?

You should be able to edit your original post without resetting votes. Votes just don’t follow along if a post is moved, closed, or split.

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@BarryWuzHere, @Gryphonknight, @General_Confusion, @Brobb, I’d appreciate your thoughts on this idea if you have a minute. I really value your analysis and insight.

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This isn’t a math question; it is a game balance question.

When rare titans came out, this “chance” of a specific 4* mat dropped made them sound like a significant source of ascension mats being added to the game.

What I’ve seen in the single digit number of rare titans looks like ~1 4* bonus mat for one of 30 people in the alliance per titan on average. I haven’t collected data, and the event is rare enough that I could easily be off by a factor of 2 or 3.

That drop rate means that rare titans are mostly a tougher titan battle 'cuz it is fun to push yourself against a tougher titan, and an excuse to use up titan flasks, and learn to deal with a titan that slaughters your team in new and different ways than the old ones you are used to.

I figure I’ve gotten more total 4* mats from mystic vision than I have from rare titan bonus rolls.

Anyhow … that’s what the situation IS, as I see it.

If SG intended rare titans to be a significant source of 4* mats, they failed. If they intended to give us a tease about them but not provide much, while giving us a new challenge killing titans which were becoming old hat, they succeeded.


Some of this was discussed on another thread, but over all I am :+1: with the idea improving the drop rates on rare titan bonus rolls, or their loot in general. This is just because right now they aren’t a game feature, but instead just a big disappointment. As I stated in the other thread, we just let them escape. It isn’t even worth the effort.

I do think that such increases SHOULDN’T be linearly based on the number of stars a titan has. I think on the low end, where they are still putting out a ton of effort, that isn’t enough reward. And at the high end it is too much. In fact I think the top alliances can kill a 12 star rare more easily than a fledgling alliance struggling with a 5 star regular could kill a 4 star rare.

Nor do I think that they should be guaranteed by loot tier, though weighting the odds that way would be fine.

Maybe something like this (strawman proposal)

[Edit - my formatting was lost when posting - first set of numbers is for the 4 star mats and second is for the 3 star, in case that wasn’t clear]

Number of Stars Number of 4* mats Number of same color 3 star
1-5 AM/10 (3) AM/5 (6)
6-9 AM/8 (4) AM/3 (10)
10-12 AM/6 (5) AM/2 (15)

Where AM = number of people in the alliance, and the number in () is the number that should happen with a 30 player alliance.

And the odds of getting one is based on grades (roll per AM, determine what grade gets them and then who - once you get one you can’t get a second):

A to A+: 40%
B: 30%
C: 20%

All the above is for the bonus roll only. The other rolls are per normal.


I’m sorry that I only had the chance to photo the last slide of the loot. The previous loot was absolutely nothing. I spent so many materials and 4 flask to make that damage. on 9* tiger titan(Which was very hard to kill) and the loot was this… (I’m the A+ attacker)

The Rare titan loot should be increased… No one from the alliance got the rings, nor some good loot…