Improving rare event position

Dear community, I would like to ask your thoughts about improving my rare event positions.
Lately, I finished 4185th (715600 points) in rare event quest, by burning approx. 10 energy flask (39 WE I have), 200-300 axes, arrows, minor mana potions and some mana potions.
My team was (all maxed, but without emblems): Kvasir, Melia, Agnes, Gan Ju, Bane. I did quite few reruns :), looking for proper board, good combos and chests.
I can see these disadvantages:

  • Kvasir’s minions helping for completing the events, but slowing me down when racing with time
  • I have no 3-hit heroes beside Kvasir and Melia

My rooster is not deep/developed enough to go full mono in other colors, I have the other following heroes maxed: Gunnar, c. Hawkmoon; Guardian bat; Balthazar; Namahage; Gato; Graymane; An-Windr (I tried to find the use of him, but from my PoV useless)).
Just finished Ei-Dunn and c. Isshtak.
I am planning leveling up the following for use in rare events: Carver, c. Gunnar, c. Dawa, Karil, c.Karil, Cochin, Ulmer, Valen, Sudri, c. Azar, c. Prisca, c. Renfeld, 2nd Isshtak
I have the following heroes collecting dust at 1/1: Brienne (custome too), Kailani, Nashgar, Prisca, Belith (custome, too), Mnesseus, Rudolph, Muggy, 2nd Gato, Friar Tuck, Hisan, 2nd Ulmer,
2nd Karil, 2nd Melia, Gill-Ra, Grevle, Frosty, Jarvur

My aim is competing in rare events, not in rare tourney, so Grevle, Frosty is at the last position of my leveling list.
My questions:

  • Do you think there can be a better position with mono-yellow team, or I hit the upper limit
  • Do you think c. Dawa can add improvement (e.g.: replacing Gan Ju)
  • What team would you construct for the upcoming events
  • Would you emblem some of my heroes
  • Would you level up second Melia
  • How many axes, arrows etc. do you burn at one event (it gives me hard time to hoard 200-300 axes, minor mana potions in one month - bone, metal ores etc. I can farm during AR only)
  • Do you think c. Kailani would be improvement (I was not lucky enough to pull her now)

My play style is attack-oriented, even in raids I attack much stronger teams for cups.

Thanks in advance!

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I have the best experiences with red and blue teams, never use others, but you need gunnar c, nordris, already have some I use too. These are mine I use for events for a long time now.

You already got some, karil is fine too.
Items I use mana, arrows, axes and the red banner for att+. If the starting board works I mana load gunnar and let’s go, 2nd mob depends, if my heroes are loaded then I carpet bomb them away and use Spezials on bosses. Don’t waste battle items if you ain’t done with first mob under 10 seconds imo, also you need the match bonus, you can finish stages fast but without match bonus you won’t score well, so combos are essential to score well.
Needed some time to get a feeling for score, but now I can predict it +/- 1k at worst before score is shown.


I have an event guide which is freely accessible for everyone. It has a very detailed walk through on how to improve your scores. You can find it here.
In general, mono yellow is a suboptimal team for Rare. You should be running a mono blue team in all events except for Avalon. You already have a lot of the pieces for a good mono blue team from the looks of things.

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Thanks! I read your document, and is very useful. I’ll concentrate on blue team first.

Thanks for the useful post!
By playing mono yellow, I noticed something, though I am not sure I saw quite well. It seems Agnes can bypass the lock of a closed chest, and hit. Can it be…

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