Improving cutscene? Add few seconds of in-game movie or effective sound effects or etc

I know it’s just a mobile phone game app, but I hope it’s not too much for adding little cutscene or in-game movie to enhance the story, instead of just placing a white box with description of what is happening during that time, for example when Poseidon rise Atlantis or Kage hurting Mitsuko. It’s just a plain text and box, and I think it’s kinda boring. :neutral_face:

Because this is a rpg game, and usually what people love about rpg is not only the story and characters alone, but the fantasy scenery or background, or at least a few second movie for big events.

The reason I ask for SGG to provide in-game movie coz I think you are capable of doing that. Just look at this cg cinematic trailer Empires & Puzzles - Official Cinematic Trailer | Presenting our new EPIC cinematic trailer! ⚔ | By Empires & Puzzles | Facebook

This is just example taking from another game, that you could have make the Atlantis rise like this example cutscene from Chrono Cross(s)Square Soft: Chrono Cross - 162 - Rise of Terra Tower - YouTube (Starting from minutes 2:52 to 3:45)

Or another way, maybe you can put a sound like something come out of water, and reveal the scene, example (made by me anyway, just crappy, sorry): :sweat_smile:

And you can add box and texts describing the scene.

At least it create a little impact on the story, not just talking heroes.

One more scene is where Kage hurting Mitsuko as result of her failing to stop your progress to go to Atlantis. I don’t demand any in-game movie here. Humanoid characters animations are hard to do, I understand. You can at least add a slash sound when placing the box and texts, telling us that Kage was slashing Mitsuko. Coz the one we had now are just silent, no dramatic sound effects for dramatic scene. Even Kage’s special have slashing sound effects in it. :thinking:

Well, I hope SGG can improve the cutscene in the storytelling. It would mean a lot to us to see more of the stories. :smile: