Improvements to war score calculation

The last 3-4 Wars, my alliance has been matched up against ridiculously stronger teams. With 20-22 members, their average defense team has ranged between 97-190 tp stronger. Furthermore, their top teams seem to have at least 5 teams able to one shot 3800 plus defense squads with no tank bust. This is all extremely past my alliance’s capabilities, and it is resulting in losing wars by 1000 plus points with them having 30-35 unused flags and our side having zero. They are also all Russian teams. The difference in flag quality is absolutely astounding. During the last Atlantis wave, we noticed a couple of things that were rather disturbing. When we were initially matched up, our war scores were both 243k. Before war started, with the same members, they had jumped to 281k.

This leads me to 3 questions.
First, since trophy dumping no longer allows us to get weaker matchups, and top 30 heroes seems to be the primary calculating factor,

  1. is it possible for lower accounts to eat their unleveled heroes to bring total hero count under 30 and thereby drastically reduce war score?
  2. if so, is this intended by design as the new way to doctor a path to easier war opponents?
  3. since the 25 pt war chest is basically an elemental chest, is it the intended design that war mercing for war victories a higher percentage of the time is supposed to generate better rewards than those of us who decide to remain in one alliance? (Because at this point, clearly it is resulting in better rewards. Going 8-2 with no war chest seems to result in much better rewards than going 5-5 and having 100 percent participation with one chest).

I am just trying to find what is the best path for advancement, and how to most effectively stay within the rules and Russia the system lol.

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I wonder if they don’t level their heroes between the end of one war and match making complete on the next. Rough back of envelope calculation 40K wouldn’t be too unreasonable for such a stunt…uh tactic.

I’m not sure what happens if you have under 30 heroes…I would assume that the missing heroes would count as 0, but don’t know that for a fact. But it would only make sense to do that if you are talking about food level heroes anyway. You surely wouldn’t want them consuming 3 stars if 3’s are the best they have.

If someone hops from alliance to alliance they will only get ANY chest loot if they happen to be in an alliance when the chest is opened. And even then they will only get credit for the number of wars they have participated in since joining, limiting their “haul” from such a chest.

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I’m “war mercing” just for fun and no i dont get any good loot. At all. Chest or no chest it’s all crap. I had much better loot when i was in same alliance daily.

This is something I do, but I doubt 1/20 people doing it in an alliance really affects the war score.

Agreed it would take most of the team doing it. To do it they would have to be buying a lot of extra slots though. I can’t even make it half a day without having to level due to lack of hero slots.

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