Improvements for Natalya

As a fan of Natalya’s I think her special The Burning Chains should be a spread attack like Colen and that other fire dude, everyone gets affected by it.

Also, her release time using her special attack The Burning Chains, shouldn’t take about 20 seconds. There was a time well several times I’ve used her special and as she was releasing it she got killed because the other team attacked her.

I’m Just Saying…

I agree that her animation is a bit too long… But I’ve never been a fan of the huge circle emblem that hides the tiles either. Just have them attack the enemy already.

I disagree that her attack should be spread though. The dot is too high to hit multiple people so it would get nerfed if that happened… And since it’s not a dispellable effect, the mana down would also be nerfed. By spreading her skill it would become ineffective as now she can actually do something.

It can be just like those green people who use that vine attack :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I have Natalya. She is my only red 5*. I have been seriously debating whether or not to take her into the fourth tier. Basically, she is a “one enemy debilitator” (health and mana starve). I suppose she can be used as a blocker against a major enemy threat while you regroup and recharge. You just need to be ready when the food resumes. I wish her damage amount was a little higher. Against a five star enemy, 700 points of damage isn’t much of a game changer.

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I agree she needs a boost. I’ve decided to hold off on ascending her to tier 4 because I don’t think she adds enough to my red team (Marjana, Ares, BT, Gormek, Lancelot).

My fix would be to boost her damage by about 20% and have it delivered over three turns, not four.

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I still believe her attack needs to be spread out to everybody is affected not just one

Gravemaker (presumed Hero of the Month for June) sort of does this (i.e. hits 3, not everyone), so it’s probably not going to happen for Nat.

I’m not sure why everyone hates on Nat! She’s Fast, she locks down a hero so I don’t have to worry about throwing ‘hero missing’ tiles at them, and the 700 damage is 1) really good, and 2) not affected by riposte. Yeah, she takes time to do the damage, but the hero she hits is basically out of the fight for those turns.

They can’t all be Liannas or Joons. Can you imagine how boring that would be?


I agree with you @Jalia

Basically i loves her, but kept her still on 3/70. Now, she’s good enough, to use in AW. Not sure if i going to use the mats to max her, or wait on Gravemaker. I still hope. Azlar pops out of TC20 somedays…

I also would max a second Marjana.

I could see boosting the damage but losing the mana block for a while turn? Dot still allows for a hero to be healed so I’m not personally interested in that sacrifice.

Good point, and I wasn’t proposing losing the fourth turn on mana slow. There are other heroes with variable-length special components, like Aeron.

The fact that someone would max a second Marjana over a first Natalya tells me that Natalya needs a small boost. HotM should rival or exceed a comparable standard hero.


I have fully ascended Natty, and she is very useful, but in limited situations. The biggest one is as a counter to Alberich. The DOT is really useful obviously, but the mana lock (or whatever we call it), makes that work. If you can get her special off, you can breath a bit while Alby (or Azlar, or that annoying healer) is struggling to fill up. I use her in any raid where one special getting fired off would cripple my chances of recovering. She also gets around Riposte if you need that.

Her big problem in my mind is no damage right away, so if you just need to kill that last straggler, you’re out of luck. A great improvement in my opinion would be like 150 damage right away, then the rest over 3 turns.

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