Improvement to VIP Builder

So, all my buildings are maxed, and I’m now the proud leader of 2 builders that are lollygagging about, LOL.

Proposal - for Strongholds with ALL buildings maxed: including the buildings (mine, farm, forge) that advanced buildings (barracks, hero academy, alchemy lab) are built over, the second builder from VIP can be used as a scout.

As a scout, he goes out to reconnoiter for two weeks (or some defined time) and brings home a small amount of loot/resources (small bundle of ham or iron). At two weeks, 26 weeks per year it’s only a combined total of 1.3 million ham/iron.

  • Both builders were considered; however, this is about VIP improvements - the second builder was an influencing factor in my original purchase. When all buildings are maxed, he becomes superfluous.
  • Once sent out, the scout must stay out for entire duration - no skipping. This includes scouts sent out with less than 48 hours left on VIP.
  • The loot is minimal - but is a little incentive for long term players to keep VIP.
  • Should additional builds be added, the Scout is only available as long as ALL buildings are maxed (though he would finish current mission). When all buildings are maxed, he is free for reconn assignments again.

It would be nice to have a couple of VIP packages to choose from. I currently have no need for a second builder as all my buildings are leveled. It would be great to have another VIP package that offered something in lieu of the second builder.


That to me seems more useful. Instead of finding a use for a lollygagging employee, let’s fire him a get something useful. Don’t know what that would be. Maybe some daily lottery wheel of resources, maybe extra tickets, maybe Epic hero token on the 10th day :woman_shrugging:

I’d be happy with any resources really… I’m always short on backpacks (constantly running tc2), more loot tickets/emblems, alkashards, etc

Why not just double the number of daily gems if there are no more buildings to construct? That seems pretty reasonable to me.

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