Improvement of Kadilen's special

As we all know Kadilen’s special promises that “All allies get 74% defense against special skills for 3 turns”

It sounds very useful and powerful. But it doesn’t work like that. It does reduce immediate damage and helps against Joon or Lianna, but it doesn’t protect against damage over several turns inflicted by Azlar, Sartana or Gravemaker.

It would be great if the real protection would reduce this kind of damage as well. So, when Azlar fired and Kadilen’s helmet is on, fire damage must be 360 * (1- 0.74) = 93.6.

All the same, with Kadilen’s protection on, damage returned by a perfect reposte must be reduced by 74%. 35% chance to miss caused by Justice must also be reduced by 74% while Kadilen’s special is in effect.

With described above modifications it will be a real protection from special skills.

Uhm… like it and bumped!
Sorry for grave digging but I also feel that Kadilen should have a little more than what she has to offer atm.

Yeah that would be nice probably would make sense to just reduce dot damage any turn that is was up and not reduce the total at the beginning as azlars is over 6 turns. I think adding protection from status effects would be great too but that may be too much. It should at least be changed to say 74 reduction in direct damage from special skills and then it would be clearer. I think if it was extended to 4 turns and she got a little bump in her damage shed be more in line with others. We will see if anything happens in version 20, she was on a lot of people’s lists of heroes in need of a buff

Yes, please buff her since I accidently ascended her.

See older threads, e.g.

Hi all -

Playing with her in raids - and a few others with a similar buff -

It is great that it an absorb the direct damage of a special attack… but it does nothing against DoT damage

This lets a common 4* toon like Colen - with the bonus for being on defense - do outsized damage. I’ve been testing against him - and he can blow away 3-5 in a tick or two.

Other hero’s like Gravemaker / some of the desert hero’s can be punishing to 3 …

With more complex mechanisms being introduced, it would be strategic to make this buff help defray some of that damage over time by adding a decay timer.

Tick 1 - you take damage more in line with your special skill level - ie 74% is stopped

Tick 2 - you take 40%

Tick 3 - you take all of it

This gives you enough time to formulate a strategy - while still taking a reasonable about of damage. It doesn’t weaken the attacker - it just creates a decaying barrier on the defender; buying some time for the synergy of a team to retaliate.

It’s like how fire - which is closer to a dot - works … it meets resistance, burns through it, then engulfs

LSS : reverse Onatel

The idea is in the air.

@Kerridoc @Rook Does it worth merging threads?

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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