Improvement in boards mechanics

I’m love this game.
There’s something the bothering (not only me probably) about the boards.

As some people like playing not rainbow they sometimes face the fact that the boards may not have tiles of the color that they need.

My suggestion is simple, make the AI always handle the boards so the tiles of all colors will be there. So the boards will be balanced almost all the time.

There are 35 (7x5) tiles always there, 5 colors meaning all the time there should be 7 tiles of each color.
Make it +/-1 so when you throw a row/column of the same color it’ll not give you the same color in the row/column again and again

It’ll make much more sense and logic when playing and not players top yelling all the time about “bad boards”

Check the attached image as an example,
12 purple (should be 7)
2 green

If you think that I won that raid, you’re wrong, 3 blues that I managed to make together and the purple ones didn’t help, and you get a 3900 team loosing to 3500 team this isn’t logical and not balanced

This happens. I’ve had much worse starting boards than yours, which would fully load Hel very soon. Bad boards happen just like great starting boards can happen. Otherwise hardly anyone would have a chance to beat the top players with 4600+ TP.

It’s every player’s choice to run rainbow teams, 2/2/1, 3/1/1, 3/2, mono or whichever combination. All have their advantages amd disadvantages. The more heroes of one colour, the higher the damage output (which grows exponentially and not linear). The risk of getting a terrible board with no or only few tiles of that colour compensates for the very high damage output.

I don’t think “normalizing” the number of tiles is necessary and helpful. To minimize the risk of losing against opponents with weaker TP, try to run 2/2/1 or 3/1/1.


Yeah… So let it be simple casino like this whole game…

Good luck

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