Improved titan loot rewards

I just want to say thank you SG for considering some of the players complaints. Recently I have gotten unfarmable AM from defeating a titan even though I’m not top scorer. So far I have gotten an orb and then a compass recently. I’m surprised because before nobody would get a chance AM for defeating the titans. Please continue this. This makes the game more enjoyable- looking forward to rewards.

I don’t think they really changed anything… RNG just blessed you, that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nothing changed. We killed 7* titan yesterday. No unfarmable mats at all.

No, loot is not improved it goes cycles. For some time you will get nice loot drop and then hole will follow. Famous SG random :slight_smile: At least I know it and can relax.

Laughed pretty hard at this thread

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Yes it seems that 3* ascention items chance is bigger now…

I have found 2 Royal tabards till I play this game, 6 months ago! I habe never seen an other one! You do conclusions!!!

We took down a 9* rare titan with improved chance of mystic rings. Not 1 team member got those stinking rings! Definitely not improved

I asked my aliance the question if they noticed an improvement, but they didn’t. However, I felt happy to receive in the last two days:

Mystic Vision: Battle Manual *** / World Energy Flask ***
Titan Battle: Compass *** / Trap Tools ***

Compared to a long haul of ‘‘nothing’’ it surprised me.

Well many mentioned that the loots are better for a lower score than for a an A or A+. I made same experiance. Maybe this is the case here? What did your Alliance members with A and A+ get from Titan?

I spoke too soon. It was definitely random. My alliance defeated a titan recently and I was the top attacker A+ . I did not even get a non farmable AM or a trainer hero. I got compass when I’m not even top 10. So random. They should at least award the top 3 or 5 for motivation purposes.

Funilly I just had another pro on therory that lower score brings better loots. I had terrible attacks on a 9* rare red titan. Finally just got B but I got the mystic rings! Haha…never seen the special loot as top scorer before :rofl:

As A+ i never got any ascend mat. ( 12* rare aswell )

Last Titan again only B loot. Guess what. Got shield and rings!