Improved Incentive for People to Login Daily: Titans, Wars, Teamwork

We have a large player base.

I see a problem within the community, where there is no incentive of real value to login daily. This results in subpar performance in Alliance Wars and Titan Battles.

Cycling through Alliance members to try and find people who login daily is time consuming and frankly an uphill battle, when there is no real reason for them to login daily.

I am asking for SGG to devise a plan to increase the daily login for the player base.

I want a better selection of people to choose from, and the only ones capable of bringing them to the table are SGG Devs, by increasing their reasons to login to the game on a daily basis.

I’m not specifying a reward or anything like that. The answer could be something that stimulates other than the brain’s reward center. Fear is also a motivating factor. So if we were to lose something we value for failing to login, that could work also. Not that any of us want that…
I simply want a reason for people to login daily beyond, collecting thier food/iron, starting a building, and logging off. I know many people simply skip collecting the 24 hour summon portal for thier feeder(s), either forgetting about it or not valuing it enough to click down to collect it. We can’t make people hit titans or participate in wars, but if we start by giving people to a reason to login, then we are halfway there.

If SGG devises a strategy to bring people here daily, then I get what want. I get a more active community of daily active players to choose from to fill my Alliance.

I open the floor to suggestions and ideas:
EDIT: Updated with Ideas Posted or Messaged to me

  • A counter that builds up each day, maxing at 30, that resets if you fail to login that day. This counter is multiplier for some kind of reward, such as iron, emblems, monster chest, or some other thing. Then you get rewarded for logging in, and also fear losing it for failing to do so. It’d have to be something that we value though.

  • Maybe after X amount of daily logins we become eligible for a monthly or biweekly challenge that is worthy of our time and shows you appreciate us. (Edit: Putting additional features behind a login wall is a great idea!!)

  • Something us daily players can use to make our daily grind less grindy.

Um… My alliance mates log in daily because we have a commitment to each other. It takes team work to take down titans, and if you don’t help, no rewards - why join an alliance if you’re not going to contribute?

Those people who choose not to play daily, do so because it’s their choice. Not sure what sort of carrot would be needed for them to change their ways :thinking:, or if they’d want to.

This is a game, it’s meant to be fun and when it becomes a chore, well there are a plethora of other things to spend ones time on :smile:.


If you’re not logging in every day, then chances are you’re missing the occasional titan and thus not filling your titan chest as quickly as you could.

You’ve also got 3 mystic visions that aren’t being collected… which sometimes throw out a 4* mat.

Not sure what else can persuade someone to log in. You either enjoy the game and the people at that daily level or you don’t.


I agree. I can’t imagine not logging in several times a day, let alone once a day. Titans, wars, quests, open monster/raid chests, not to mention rare quests, Atlantis, monthly events, Trials, raid tourney …

It’s not a game that can be played once in a while. If members aren’t actively playing every day, they aren’t going to progress as quickly as they could be. No problem if that’s their choice and they are on a relaxed, casual alliance where everyone feels the same way.

Big problem if they are on an active alliance that values team work to achieve individual goals!


@Oriontron. I don’t know your alliance situation but think one of these situations may be occurring.

  • you are in a less competitive alliance than where you want to play.
  • you are in a younger alliance that is still growing and finding its base.
  • you are in an alliance that does not have clear expectation.

There could be other scenarios. What do you think is the issue? We may be able to help with some of your alliance woes.


Ive read the replies and i agree it is ‘just a game’…i hate that. My alli needs players plus has members who dont feel the responsibility to the team work needed therefore we all suffer. I wish incentives would work BUT lets look at the reality. Those who play daily usually do so because others rely, we want to win, its fun etc. Those who dont do not because its just a game. Im passing no judgement its just the best way to describe it.
Why not focus on us daily players? See…we show up and we invite and chat the game up…its fun to us. If the okay I’ll try the game person turns out to not play like I do why work to make them play? There maybe a game they do play daily it just isnt this one or any number of reasons why they dont login daily BUT WE DO! Why not do something like add a few more of the items when we fight for gems/battle items/resources. The more you play the more you need so fighting for 3small mana is insulting let alone it feels like a waste of daily time. Maybe after X amount of daily logins we become eligible for a monthly or biweekly challenge that worthy of our time and shows you appreciate us. 3 or more levels as normal with rewards like a coin that when redeemed you can instant upgrade a bldg or 24hrs of VIP or the occasional titan flask, or 20 arrows/axes. Smaller things like 10 of the 100% mana. Something us daily players can use to make our daily grInd less grindy.

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Thanks for your thoughts @Genavive and welcome to the forum.

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Are we trying to recruit said person :crazy_face:. Off topic - flag :rofl:.


Actually, we added two new players today and are full again. But we’ve had a waitlist in the past - I’m never opposed to that.


Don’t think giving away a mana pot on a Tuesday is going to make people log on! Some people just want to play at there pace. In my alliance we just getting half of us on for war! Lowers ain’t got 30 people, higher can’t be bothered with waring some days as if it’s going to be a slight pain they opt out as not in a hurry for the loot they get! All still hit the titan and that’s what matters! Try and help some people and they not that bothered about maxing there hero fast. Or learning training camps or best places to farm etc…


I dont think that it will increase activity.
To me this sounds you need to go and look for another alliance or new teammates that have the same drive and passion as you do.
For some people it works to play ‘informal’ and it is not a biggy when a war flag is not used. Others will drive this crazy and they want to see ever war flag well planned and used.
You need to find likemind people to play with, if not there will always be some friction.

Why are you pushing me? versus: Why are you not doing more?


There is like minded people like me there it’s competitive with some of us not others! It’s a mixed bag and kinda a laid back alliance, Some people just happy to pick up the phone hit the titan use world energy level up there heros how they want to. Can’t fault them for that other people have other prioritys.


I think that people that spend hundreds of dollars on this game should get an incentive for spending money. Like a thank you for your support here is an additional something for every fifty bucks spent. I see people from around the world playing and this game obviously has time and money put into it so why not put more money out there for fans that spend the money.

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I would also like, along these lines, to see an addition added to the titan score for how many hits a player has taken. We have a rule to hit the titan as much as possible. We have some heavy hitters who use only a couple of hits and score 150k+ and stop. We have others who only hit once or twice and stop. Since the hut log cuts off at a point, it would be nice to see the number of hits. I talked to a couple of friends who are coders and they said it’s really a simple addition into the code for the score table that simply adds one to the next column for hits for each score posted. Shouldn’t be a hard add they said since it really is simple.

Monster Island could be a reason to log in daily, if they made it available, and reset it each week.

I would like to to just see better rewards for downed titan. The current loot sytem is terrible.