Improved defense AI?

Hey there! I started to play the game 8 months ago and in the first 4-5 months I really felt that the AI on defense is bad and attacks my heroes randomly. In the last 3-4 months I got more and more the feeling that the AI is programmed to attack the heroes for which there is the highest probability to get killed (e.g. two snipers going after the same hero etc).

I don’t think that if SG programmed the AI to do that is bad (in the end the game is not about playing against a stupid AI), but I’d like to understand better how the AI operates.

Of course, it could just be confirmation bias, so I am curious if anyone else has noticed these changes in the last months.


It also seems that healers have been targeted


Probably there is a function to designate the “most wanted” target.
That appears quite obvious when your heroes are all full: you can see defense slashing 5 or 6 times in a row the same hero.
When other situations arise other considerations may come into play.
It’s not unlikely, for instance, to see the defense target heroes who are about to fire.

I know for a fact that the defenses I face literally love my Lianna and Mist.

As it stands there is one thing I find a bit uneven: defenses are run by the “house” so they know exactly how much damage they are dealing and if it suffices to kill.
Something the players are denied.


Very true. I noticed a few times in war if I have a weak hero or healer the CPU attacks him over and over.


The AI has certainly become more aggressive and better, added to that the huge imalance in the game with super strong heroes that this game has become based entirely on luck.
A great gameboard is now required to win any games based on other players teams (raids and war).


Not necessarily AI, but I’ve noticed the opponent’s innate talents proc a lot more lately… especially evade and revive. I’ve seen the same hero revive like 4 times in a row…

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These have always seemed to work very often for a long time - there are even posts on the forum about it.

Just when I think the AI is smarter because it plays the way it should then there will be four matches in a row I was thankful the AI was as dumb as always.

Last few weeks, I m amazed seeing consistently, 2 heroes from defence targeting the same hero & once I saw 3 heroes go for the same hero one after another…. It was my Gazelle, which died & that finished my full HP team….

Something has changed in the AI for sure…


I also noticed how Zocc in more than 50% of the cases targets the hero with most mana


That is so correct… Zocc, almost always targets Gazelle, when she has fired,
none of the other 4 heroes can be affected by Zocc :smile:

Lately I have been paying attention to my healer. I have Prof. Lidenbrock, fully leveled and fully emblemed.
Pretty good healer right? Well, yes, the problem is that the board starves me of yellows to use her.
On any game I am able to fire the Prof two or maybe three times. More than that its a rarity.
I lose a lot of games because I cant use the healer to recover while the opponent uses their healer constantly.

In one raid I lost fairly quick, it was over in less than 10 rounds, and on that game I used Joon as well, so two yellows.
I counted the yellow tiles for all the game that I got and altogether and total was 5 yellows.

If you are firing her 2/3 times then that means you are getting well in excess of 20 tiles matched per raid. How many tiles do you expect to get where you wouldn’t consider it being ‘starved’ of tiles? Who else are you running that this is not enough for you to get enough of an advantage to win?

What cup level are you raiding at? In mid to high diamond and matching alliance wars it is rare to get healers in defense at all, apart from Prof L, Garnet, and Heim. Most defenses do not have any healers.

Back to your team composition - how many colours do you use?

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I dont want to derail this thread and I just wanted to add a new situation that I have noticed.

Alright, if that is the case then please keep defense AI completely separate from board behaviour. One is completely subject to RNG and the other has an algorithm behind it which undoubtedly has some smarts (and some stupids) behind it, and it is possible that it is being refined behind the scenes. I for one would rather see a much smarter AI with a zero defender bonus and I think this would be more challenging in a positive way.

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As the one that started this forum topic, I concur that the idea was focused on how the defending heroes use their attacks (either slash attacks or their specials).

There are numerous other discussion topics on how the tiles on the board are generated and there has been some research done by some players in this regard. As far as I know the findings confirmed that overall the chances for the tiles of a certain colour to be on the board are 20% the more boards you play.

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