Improved (?) Damage Dealing Mechanics

Not sure if these are somewhat discussed in other formats, but there are some things I noticed through daily farming through the levels and thought how these can some how be incorporated into the game to make them more “useful.”

  1. Damage momentum - We’ve all seen those strings of combo damage multipliers at the end of a wave, leading up to the next wave or the final boss level.

It basically says:
"Wow, that was a great combo that happened just then and there, can you imagine if that happened “during” a mob? What exciting damage output would your brave heroes do? "

Aside from a show and tell standpoint. What’s the use of these “increased” damages if they all just reset at the start of the next mob / boss? Couldn’t there be a mechanic that holds that damage multiplier for a turn in the next mob?

  1. Faster damage calculation / dying animation to allow flow through damage. We don’t get too many staggered enemy formations where the one out front will essentially serve as blockers for tile damages (there are some there, S1 and S2). Blocking is not the issue, but is the tile damage all being absorbed by the one out front that the one behind it gets no flow through damage. For example an enemy has 100 HP left, there is one behind it with full 500 HP, straight line tile damage totaling about 500 potential damage gets sent up, kills the one out front, takes the damage that kills it (twirls around shouting “I am dying, woe is me,” but its dying animation swallows the 400 potential damage that I would’ve liked to see flow through to hit his buddy in the back, but instead the one in the back just said thanks to his now dead friend and retains full 500 HP.

Would that make the game easier in farming, events, quests? Maybe, but I really don’t like to see wasted damage outputs.

If something similar like this has already been discussed, feel free to merge to commonly requested ideas thread.