Improve topics categorization and search capabilities in the forum

Hey there!
This feature request is for the forum, not for the game itself.

I’m looking for some extended options to filter the topics here.
I see that the topics may have optional tags, but almost nobody uses them, since they are optional. What about making the tags mandatory to create a topic? It would help to categorize the topics.
Also, the tags are clickable - the link leads to all the topics with that tag. But I’d wish the opposite - to exclude some tags from the search. See an example of the StackOverflow UI:

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but it would be great, for example, to filter out all “feature requests” when people are requesting the game to give them 100500 heroes and items without any effort to achieve that :slight_smile: Or all feature requests for changing heroes’ abilities… Or requests for new languages/avatars/flags…
An ability to exclude the closed topics automatically would be cool too. I’m a perfectionist. I’m opening all new topics just to get rid of the number in the “New” tab. And usually it’s interesting to read them. But when the topic is getting merged almost right after the creation, I know for sure that it wouldn’t be interesting to read it, but still I have to open it, cause it’s marked as “new”.


I would love for tags to be used more.

Certainly I encourage better titles.

Stuff like ‘i have a problem’ or ‘here’s an idea’ are useless.

Ha, dude, that’s just picky :sweat_smile:


Have you tried the Advanced Search to filter out topics of types of topics?

Try playing with it and see what you can find. :slight_smile:


3rd Party Software

You need to discuss this at .

(Admin guide to tags in Discourse - admins - Discourse Meta)


1000 gems says most used mandatory tag would be Empires. Because. Humans.

Improve Tags

Tags could be improved:

New Filter

With software, I find Latest most helpful.


Thanks @Gryphonknight! hugs :wink::+1:


@Gryphonknight, thank you for this reply!

@Rook, if there is an ability to close this feature request, I’d ask you to do so.


Yes there is and you’ve inadvertently done so by tagging our friendly forum feline @Rook. :smile_cat:.


Closed at OP’s request.