Improve Token or Other Rewards for player level upgrades

I just hit Level 50 this week…silver token. C’mon, toss some decent rewards. RNG is not the culprit on this one either.

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They should give an epic coin when they get a new level, for example, from level 30

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Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:

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The level up rewards have remained static for a long time…how about an epic hero token, refill of food/iron as rewards? Welcome other ideas!

Lots of posts on this topic! See the link below



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Hadn’t seen these…how do I merge mine into that?

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It would be perfect to reward players for reaching these particular levels --> 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 with a gold troop token, a gold hero token, with an ascension item and some decent amount of gems. Players at level 50 usually play one year and that means they are loyal to this game.

To me, players at level 70+ even deserve a special token for summoning a hero of their own choice.

Please, come up with something for these players, @EmpiresPuzzles, @KiraSG, @Petri :kiss:


I’m totally for that! Wish I could give a “like!!!” like right now!

Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I’ve been thinking for quite some time about this, but giving a daily summon for gift when you level up isn’t really a gify in my opininion… You get a 1, 2 or max 3* heroe. But when you are at the point of having quite some stack of 4 and 5* heroes, the daily summon is only good for food, so in the end the heroe or troops you get are lost… Wont it be a better surprise if the makers give other gifts such as backgrounds, avatars, ascension material, a statue in their village,… Or just a epic token (troop or heroe) This change can also be made in daily gifts. Eg, every thenth daily gift wouldn’t be a normal daily summon, but a epic token, ascension material,…

That is super good idea!!!

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I agree and like this idea a lot. I just don’t want it to get implemented and then we end up with a bunch of backpacks and clothes. Also, I like the avatar idea too, but there are only so many of those, so what happens when you get them all and a duplicate shows up? Do you get to reroll or do you lose out on our free gift for the day?

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Could add pins into it also, would take a while to gather all of them especially if they where only given for 10 consecutive days visiting the game.

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other games have a “gift ladder” where each condecutive day you logged in the gift gets a littlle better. Can be for example a 7 days revolving ladder which starts with a backpack, then silver token, 5 Emblems, 3* AM, 4* crafting Material, ETT, EHT.


There is a very nice thread on this topic which could be of interest to you. :slight_smile:

You may be interested in this

Also going to put the new mods to work, possible merge @DaveCozy, @littleKAF

How about a nice cow avatar? I can see it as a future HOTM. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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Thanks @ThePirateKing and @PapaHeavy. I agree these are similar. Merged for SG consideration.


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