Improve Token or Other Rewards for player level upgrades

Since gray tokens are not relevant at levels above 20, we suggest considering this option of rewards for player level upgrades.


I know you were focusing on the tokens (which I agree with), but the gem quantity should be rethought. Ten gems is borderline meaningless. Something like 50 + level*5, capped at 250, wouldn’t be out of order.


despite the fact that I am already 45 levels, I fully support this proposal, a gray token on such levels looks like a mockery of loyal fans of the game :sob:


Just great idea which will award high levels for their aspiration to grow and develop in a game


Yeah, who needs grey token at lvl 30 seriously ? The’re as usefull as pulling heroes from my TC and feed my 5*


Can transfer a subject to ideas?

This so true! Lvl 51 here and I only find three more attacks to titan useful and maybe those extra base for heroes. But 10 gems and grey summon token is just really not good present for level up, since it also takes long time to level up with those levels.


Done. Good call.

And 20


I wish I can vote for this one! Vote, vote, vote! Not lvl 32 yet still far from my way, but I wish it can be real asap!
Hardwork and pattience and Time worth for 50 gem, 1 epic troop and heroes token!


Это отличная идея!Я на данный момент 37 уровень, ап у меня раз в 1-2 месяца, и полезен он только восстановлением энергии. Русскоязычные игроки так-же ЗА! Необходимо пересмотреть награды за ап на высоких уровнях. 10 самоцветов и серый жетон, такое ощущение, что разработчики просто смеются над нами.

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I would like an increase of gems given maybe every 5 levels and as far as tokens I agree gray tokens should not be given as a reward to players after level 20 it’s an insult to hard work, time, and dedication to this game IMO coming from a gamer of 40+ years

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We conducted a survey in our group here is the result at the moment.


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Im at level 47 and a bit sick of the Silver tokens, takes a bit of effort to get there just for a daily.
How about at a certain level, eg level 50, you get a Troop token. And then a few more levels on, eg level 60, an Epic token. Or even Atlantis coins. Sorry @zephyr1 if this has been surgested before, i cant find it

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I merged you to a similar suggestion. :slight_smile:


should add some emblems too

Hello, guys.
I am a 42 level player and only now I realized that leveling has no impact in this game (higher levels especially). It takes 1-2 months to level up and all I get is refills and 10 gems. Rarely I get hero capacity increased. And team cost does not have an impact for me anyway (I am pretty sure rarely you fill-up team cost).
Maybe devs should consider higher rewards, though? Maybe more gems as your level go higher, maybe after level 20 you can get troop token and after 40 you can get golden hero token. Maybe not every level but every third for example.
What do you think?

Your world energy is also increased although not every level.
And the idea of better rewards when you level up has been already suggested:

@zephyr1 possible merge?


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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