Improve % to get epic/lengendary heroes

Due to difficult to get epic/legendary heroes, is it possible to correct or adjust the % to get those heroes as I mention ?

I would love that too, since I don’t have 2-3 teams of fully ascended legendary heroes.

But you are asking SGG to lower its profit, since their main source are obviously gems for summons, not sure if I would that if I were them… :stuck_out_tongue:
I think even if they did change the % of getting epic/legendary it would transfer the problem to ascension materials and to xp needed… having 5-6 5* stacked in the waiting list is a bit frustrating too. :woozy_face:

IMHO having more features for 3* heroes is a very wise decision that SGG stuff took!

After all E&P is a very slow paced game, that takes 10-14 months to make your first 5x5* fully ascended team, in the meanwhile we must have fun playing with our rare/epic players, collecting materials and competing in smaller leagues… :sweat:

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Don’t worry the balance in this game will come.

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It is not difficult to get legendary heroes. …it s impossible via tc20…

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The perfect way for SG impliment this is having a Training Camp 21. Who knows, maybe some day.

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I’m confused… Why do you say that?

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Because i ve never seen a 5* hero in more than 100 tc20 trainings…

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I got many 5* from TC20 since September: Vivica, Isarnia, Magni, Marjana, Lianna, Richard, 2x Quintus, Kadilen, 2x Elkanen, Khagan

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That doesn’t make it impossible at all… It just means you haven’t gotten any. And if you’ve actually gotten 0 out of over 100, then that’s pretty bad odds! I’ve gotten 3 out of a total of 74 trainings. Many people have better odds than me, many have worse.

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Stop running tc20 for a month then start it again. I do over 200 without any 5 stars. Then when I started it again I got 5 out of 20.

0% is called impossible in maths…

What’s interesting, is I saw the same thing. I stopped mine after about 70 pulls a while ago. Fired them back up, and very first round of pulls, I got a 5*… Hmm…

That’s not how that works at all. 0% chance is called impossible. 0% results is not.


When the game says 1.5% chance i expect after 100 trainnings 1 5* star hero at least.or else there is no worth spending my time

An average is not a guarantee.

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I know it’s just math behind the chances to pull 5*, but I’m seeing vast differences in luck.

My wife and I have both played for about 5 months, but I’m the more dedicated gamer - skip chest timers daily, participate in events/raids, always spend all flags, and have dropped $40 on the game. Despite all the extra gems and tokens - NO 5*.

She’s found Frida, Seshat, Mok-Arr, and Athena.

I won’t ask SG to ‘make the numbers better for me,’ but I’d really like to see it spread a bit more evenly.

That’s the thing about probability. It’s not a guarantee. It’s the expected average over many many pulls. It does not mean there will be 1.5 heroes for every 100 pulls.

Also, the expected percentage from TC20 for legendaries is 5%. I run TC20 24/7. I have gone 4 months (+/- 60 pulls) previously and currently 5-1/2 months (+/- 80 pulls) with no 5*. Between those two I pulled 5 5* in 1-1/2 months (+/- 25 pulls).

Like everything else, it takes patience.

Increasing the odds won’t help unless they also increase the frequency of getting unfarmable ascension mats. Then the game becomes too easy and you stop playing after a few months.


I have to agree with OP. I haven’t had TC20 for long but in probably 40 tries I’ve had two 4* and all the rest 3*. I just did another Atlantis 10 pull and got nine 3* and one 4*. It’s just not worth it. It’s exceedingly frustrating to spend upwards of $15 a month on this game and get virtually nothing for it. I’m about to join some of my fellow alliance members in just going free2play. SG has just made it not worth it.

I stopped wasting money long time ago…

I really hope that Hero Academy can even out bad luck in training and summoning. It’s really frustrating if more than 95 % of the heroes you can do not have any worth beyond giving a liitle XP boost by feeding them away because you already have all 3* and 4* heroes except maybe a few event and Atlantis special heroes.
It’s even more frustrating that due to bad luck you don’t even get that 2-5 % chance but have months of getting completely useless duplicates.

At one point F2P/C2P don’t even need feeders anymore as there are hardly any heroes left worth feeding unless you need four Kirils, three Boldtusks, five Grimms,…

  • I hope that Hero Academy can tackle this problem and drawing a 3* or 4* duplicate has some use again

  • Moreover, I hope that more trainable 4* with new special abilities (or abilities similar to some of the super-rare 5* like Tarlak, Alberich etc) will be introduced some day to increase hero diversity and make TC13/20 more useful again. We have many more 5* heroes than 4* although they are a lot harder to get

  • TC levels beyond 20 in addition to Hero Academy would be awesome… Colour specific legendary training, training that has a chance to get old HotM etc

I had a thought that during an summon one could play a mini game against an uncolored Titan, so it just adds up hits, no special skill, (insensitive to hero and troop strength) and your score modified your chance to pull higher star heroes. You wouldn’t have to play it, but you could. From a behavioral psychology standpoint, it could be huge - the illusion of control. It’s all just a big Skinner box anyway; give us another pedal to push, Devs!

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