IMPROVE Thor's charge system

Vote for Thor to stay charged after 3rd cast
  • Yes
  • No

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Simple improvement!

Thor’s charge needs to stay LVL 3 on 4th cast as well and not drop down to lvl 1. Why? Beacuse if you are able to cast Thor for fourth time in battle, you must feel a bit rewarded and not be a weaker version of Malosi dmg.
If he dies and gets revived by any ressurect hero/scroll (not his own fighter talent), he looses charges.

Please vote and lets make Thor more apropriate :slight_smile:

Nope. He is powerful enough as it is. Especially if compared to ninjas who if you only hold till 3rd charge just get the one fire unlike thor who does a hit each way along.

He is excellent already. No further improvement needed.


For now I voted NO but if I manage to pull him I may change my vote to YES :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Well, I am glad even to see, community sees otherwise. Even better if he is already balanced.

Time will tell his current state of power though. I picture Thor to be amongst best heroes no?

I would say damaging Ninjas ( Cobalt, Onyx) are slightly better.

Why do you think I made this poll? :smiley:

Still cant believe, I managed to pull hero I designed, from free pulls :smiley:

In what way does the community believe otherwise? Even your poll here suggests the idea of making him stay at charge 3 is the minority.

Voted yes but does it really matter? 3 charges in most battles would be over anyway.


Otherwise in comparison with my suggestion. My suggestion is to stay charged after 3 specials

Ah ok. Understand now.

Ninjas reset after they fire, don’t see why thor should be any different.


Yes, but they can also overfill mana, while thor cant


Thor is already a VF powerful hero at 1 and 2nd charge.
Charge 3 is highly OP-ed, so if kept permanent from charge 4 onwards, he will become uncontrollable and he will end up getting NERFED …
WAKE-UP & enjoy him the way he is & the uniqueness he brings to the play.

I don’t have him yet and will prefer him as said above, after I get him…

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@Cerevan_the_Omni : Overfilling mana is irrelevant… bcoz, to overfill mana, the ninjas have to hold their fire… while Thor fires & hence he deserves to be reset back after 3rd time.

Also, if you think, Thor does his 3 different hits on VF charge each time = fires 3 times on 6 tiles charging (L11 MTs) each time = which isn’t the case for ninjas… who wait for 3rd charge for way more tiles and get reset after firing…
lets keep some sensible logic and keep Thor the way he is and NOT compare with ninjas, bcoz it ain’t a plain comparison.

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Then he definitely would be God of Thunder :zap:

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