Improve the incentive to collect silver tokens

Silver tokens have become a lot more common as rewards. They are barely worth anything to higher level players. I have suggestions to make them more exciting.

(1) Allow the ability to exchange a certain number of them for gold tokens or other items. Maybe 10 silvers for 1 epic hero token.

(2) Add some special heroes that can ONLY be summoned from the regular silver token summon. This will add some excitement and incentive to use those tokens for players of all levels.

I do agree with this idea

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I think it would need to be 25 at least for the Devs to be interested.

One of my previous suggestions was to add trainer heroes to the daily summon mix

@rook can you combine these? Use this one as the master as it actually got votes!


The problem of free summon tokens is that they are worth 150 gems, 150 GEMS!!

No player spends 150 gems. The fair price should be 50 gems.

The thing would change a lot if there was a small chance of getting a hero of more than three stars,
imagine, that the possibility of getting a 5-star hero was 0.5% … Even with that low possibility there would be a lot of excitement and expectation.

To add another idea to make the regular tokens more fun:

Add a feature that would allow us to do multiple summons at once instead of clicking the summon button like a maniac. You’d hoard the silver tokens and after some time you could do 10x, 14x pull etc. This could work like the loot tickets - you “+” or “-” the number of tokens you want to use, then you get that number of heroes/troops. This kinda works when you have a VIP pass - you can use your 2 summons at once.


Nice idea and who knows it might happen.
From my point of view it would be an advantage to allow us to change them for troop summoning

Free summon tokens used to be a coveted item of mystery and enchantment. I would draw my children around me and we would wait in eager anticipation, the hushed silence breaking into rapturous applause when Balthazar strode through the portal, or howls of derision when the likes of Brand would mock us with his smug grin!

But, having been fortunate to upgrade my TC and obtain every 3* hero, the summon token has fallen obsolete barring an occasional 3* troop.

How could it gain relevance again without detracting from the TC ladder?

How about a chance of a Trainer Hero?

Just a small chance to add some variety and keep the hope alive of something of value when 3* heroes become a little stale.

Nothing that’s going to panic the accountants at SG, we know they’re busy, busy people.

Anyway, whadya think?


I like it. Either that, or replace some of the useless levels of the TC with the ability to train troops and trainer heroes

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Ok. I say The best way to make the silver coin interesting is to have a chance to acquire the hero of the month. It is something easy to specify and does not change the structure of the game too much. It could be a lower percentage of possibility than in the case of epic vouchers, but it would make the silver voucher very much awaited.


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