Improve the chat - Expand Text Box (no need to scroll backwards)

Every time I want to type a long text, I have to roll back hundreds of words just to verify if what I said is correct or not.
PLUS I can’t see the whole text, if I make any sense in what I am saying or if I am repeating a word in a phrase

Please improve the text showing in the chat as you type. It is annoying to type anything in my alliance.

This would be extremely helpful - and if carried over to the alliance announcements, more so.


Totally agreed. Just any texting in general should have the same improvement.

A colour picker for specific blocks of text would seem an easy add on that could also improve quality of life substantially


I want to be able to highlight and copy game chat text, too, please


Also an easier way to insert emoticons would1 apreciated. Aswell as new emoticons.
And an easier way to color the text and why not a Bold option… . Not that hard to code :wink:

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I haven’t cast any vote for a long while, certainly I am voting for this improvement, any improvement on the alliance chat would be welcome., it should at least have carriage return to enable seeing the entire texts when typing.
Secondly, that 'x ’ for cancel on the bar should be totally removed, many times it will annoyingly accidentally clear up text, especially when trying to view the progressive hidden texts by holding down cursor , that often forced re-typing of the entire message; and besides, keyboards have clear up key making that ‘x’ an unnecessary and redundant feature.


Such a great idea. 1000 times YES!


Another thing. Every time I type and get out by mistake or intentionally, all my text is gone. ALL OF IT. If I write something important, and I press my “back button” on my Samsung S8, that is right there, near the alliance chat, text is gone in a second. Annoying af


Is there a possibility to allow the textfield to expand according to the text length?
Atm it‘s only one line (at least on iOS) which makes corrections and editing featured messages extremely difficult and most of the time I mess up the entire message <.<

This is a necessary QA improvement. Even typing a nicely formatted message out in another app and transferring it over gets messed up. Please add multiline keyboard support!

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