Improve Season 2 Mission Rewards to Include More Than Just Avatars

I would like to propose better rewards for new season missions. Except for completition, which is good, there are two for avatars and only one for only 5 gems. I would like propose some better stuff - like epic hero token or 30 atlantis coins or MORE gems. It takes a lot of energy to complete them, so reward it accordingly please.

Hello all

Mission rewards involve a lot of time and effort to complete taking in some cases weeks to months.
Based on that I thought before (for example ) getting 10 gems for completing 80m was a joke but now I’m seeing new offers rewarding avatars.

And then there’s the season 2 completing rewards which is also a joke for putting so much effort.

How many avatars does a person need for 1.

Why not reward ascension items especially for completing a whole season, at least players would look forward to getting them and it would show some sort of APPRECIATION from you guys SG to the players that spend money and time and make it possible for you further this games advancements in the future.

Small appreciations go a long way, show APPRECIATION with crap gets you nowhere.



Sorry guys I didn’t see this post before placing mine, maybe a medi coukd join then into one.


@Rook or @Coppersky - a merge request for you if you please.


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Merged. Happy posting, y’all! :grin:


If you find then missions lame then dont do them, they are not mandatory to do for playing then game.


Well I do not, but I would for a proper reward.

Old missions are also ridiculous. I just got kill titans V. Kill 500 titans, we are talking here one and a half years, if every single titan is killed, and the reward? 30 diamonds, not even 1/3rd of the cost of filled world energy. SG makes Scrooge look like a big spender!
Hey, there is an idea, SG can mean Stingy Guys

Missions, we want rewards of loot, gems or tokens not just an Avatar… Also if you create a mission not so high to compete when you don’t offer the special battle but in 3 providence. Help us get rare loot ;roots, nuggets and other’s. We have been playing for 2 years, need special rewards more… Especially Tarbards

Season 2 normal rewards

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Yeah this one is very good and even better on hard mode. But you dont know till you make it (or read it here). But the rest could be better…

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I think the level up rewards could use a bit of a buff. Even if it’s just certain levels, like 25/50/75? I mean that normal summons token, 10 gems and maybe a few more rosters spots are nice and all but come on? How about throwing an EHT or ETT in there at least??

Atlantis Sea Dragon - Yes, 100 of them will net you a shiny Sea Dragon avatar, rare as they are, looks like there are already players with them already from the recent AR events once they qauffed WE like no tomorrow. How about in addition to the avatar, 100 (or 200) Atlantis Coins are awarded.

  • Atlantis Coins are hard enough to come by after maps of Normal/Hard mode are finished
  • Don’t think 1 to 2 free Atlantis summons would “really” hurt the bottom line.

Suspicious Chests - Not sure if this is already in the works or if anyone would want them as avatars (there are many players out there with different tastes, so who knows). Perhaps 100 Suspicious Chests gets you the Shielded (closed) version and 10 Challenge Coins and 200 gets you the opened version (teeth bearing) and 20 Challenge Coins.

  • These appear to be rarer than the Atlantis Sea Dragons
  • The odds of challenge event heroes for rare, epic, and legendary are not as high as A.R. counterparts, again, one or two free summons shouldn’t break the bank.
  • Unlike Atlantis Coins, Challenge Coins aren’t “dropped” or “trickled in” as loots in chests (and don’t know if they ever will).

These are one time rewards and should not matter in the long run as Gems are still the most valuable currency in the game.

@Shohoku79 I merged your posts based on the new thread you’d created and your post seeming to be largely aligned with this thread about adding additional rewards to Atlantis Avatar Missions — but if you want to create a separate thread about the Suspicious Chests Avatar idea, I think that would be better suited to be its own idea thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries @zephyr1, I understood why you merged the topic. I thought the premises of this thread was more towards the Atlantis Easy/Hard Mode Completions, and some follow up posts that were merged seem to be towards the season 2 enemies avatar missions themselves?

I don’t remember seeing the complaints about getting more than just the Sea Dragons avatar (perhaps players are now largely indifferent and came to accept it?) and thought hmm, since these (Sea Dragons and Suspicious Chests) are both rare and can only be attempted once for a few days each month as opposed to being able to be attempted on a daily basis (like the S2 progress or the enemies avatars), they might deserve to garner some special attention in their own thread.

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I don’t either, which I guess is interesting.

There are certainly general complaints about Mission rewards pretty often, though.

That makes sense, I wasn’t originally quite sure why you were combining both into one idea post.

They obviously have parallels, though adding a Suspicious Chest avatar would be the most logical shift, I would think.

There’s an argument to be made that the Coins rewarded from defeating the enemies might make a Mission reward less relevant, too, vs. the other avatar Missions. But that would seem to be the opposite of your thinking, it seems. :thinking:

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That’s why the avatars would be the “primary” reward and the coin rewards are always going to be “complimentary or secondary.” Avatars do not augment your game in any way other than perhaps make you feel warm and fuzzy when you see your “unique” avatar load up or compliments from alliance mates, and once earned, are yours to keep and can’t be sold or transacted, coins rewarded can be stored or spent.

To me, if I get some Atlantis Coins along with getting the Sea Dragons Avatar, and some Challenge Coins for getting the Suspicious Chest Avatar(s), my mind set would be like “Oh, that’s cool/neat.” Something that SGG can reward players for spending that much “more” time in the game without having to have monthly budget meeting discussions about how these destroyed their bottom lines. This, I don’t believe is the same magnitude as the Gigantic Offer. Players are going to be getting these avatar missions done at different paces. Regardless of whether they hold the Atlantis Coins for a chance at better featured past HOTM during AR or Challenge Coins for a specific event in the future, the coins represent chances, not guarantees, and that’s why I think they should be considered by SGG.


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