Improve rewards for completing campaigns

I think there should be better rewards for completing campaigns other than summon tokens for random heroes. i maybe got something worth while from the summons for season 2 because i cant remember not getting anything good but my pulls for S1/S3 were lousy. in my S3 pulls i at least got a dupe S3 3* hero out of the 3 “epic” hero tokens i used. this kind of mixes in with the other topic on pulling S1 heroes from other summons but focuses more on the actual rewards for completing the campaigns.

for all the work that gets put into completing the campaigns, especially where i could only complete 3 S3 areas at a time before running into a 1-month wait to continue, the summon rewards should be better than tokens for random summons. I imagine most people should have some higher level teams for doing S3 for example, so completing the campaign and getting nothing but 3* heroes as rewards is ridiculous. for the amount of time that’s involved with completing the campaigns, i think a guaranteed legendary summon should replace the current summoning rewards. Maybe make it two legendary summons for completing S2/S3 on hard mode. i would rather have that than 3, “epic” summon tokens that are more likely to give a 3* than anything actually useful.

Didn’t we get lots of rare materials, too?

There were 5 free pulls for completing Valhalla on hard mode.


I don’t remember what the resource rewards were. I just know the summons sucked for me.

Well we got 4* materials and five free summons, so it’s one of the best free rewards in the game.

Apart from guaranteed 5* heroes for every player, which isn’t going to happen, I don’t know what else could be included :man_shrugging:t3:


Just playing devil’s advocate here. Considering the increased effort to complete S3, more Valhalla coins for completion would be welcomed IMO. That doesn’t help the OP though. :sweat_smile:

For completion of S3 Hard, I think a guaranteed S3 4* would be amazing. For S2, I know two f2p who have completed it, and unfortunately are still missing Wilbur. :disappointed_relieved:

@Carnifex100 It sounds like you are yet to complete S3 Hard. If so, hopefully you’ll have better luck with the 500 Valhalla coins. :wink:

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Some players have completed S2 both normal and hard modes but still haven’t completed S1. They are prioritizing finishing S3 because it has better rewards than finishing S1, which gives poor rewards. Like S2, finishing S3 would give players unfarmable ascension materials and several coins. That is the reward itself

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I agree with you. It is not Fair imo a player finished S1 normal / hard and didn’t get at last one S1 5s from this season. Same for S2, S3 and next seasons. RGN should be increased a % for each level completed and reseted after the First 5s appered. If no 5s hero appered after finished the season, the % should be increased each time the Event returned.

The same for each Event portal summon, the % should be increased each time player complete the Event and reseted after receive a 5s Event hero.

The current % on any portal summon needs a Lot of resources from P2P. I saw a Razor’s vídeo from Titan Mafia a 100x pull without any New 5s from Costumer Portal. More than $580 for nothing. This is Crazy.

A F2P in general, play more than 2 years to get Just S1 5s heroes from TC20 not from portal. After their allready fineshed ALL S2 and S3 no 5s Season Heroes too. This is another Crazy situation.

After 2years 1/2, as C2P, I have one 5s Hero from S2, and one from S3 because a 10x pull buying gems. Less than one Season Hero per year as C2P… Because It I stoped to buy in this game.

My last cry is the HA, 7 days to have a little small chance to get no S1 hero after play more than 2 years is Crazy too. They should increased the % each summon and reset It after get a no S1 hero.

Hey SG, the P2W are being sick with the high amount of cash required and others F2P and C2P are being boring with the slow development in the game. Think about It #playapartogether

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