Improve Quest Regular Resources based on Player Level

The scavenge resources, Mine iron, Gather food and Battle items (maybe even the EXP Quest) quests are great when you are starting the game. but when you grow inside the game the rewards for those quest is honestly laughable. i was thinking it would be great if they add some tier based increased rewards according to your player level. so an example: you could leave the rewards as they are for players let’s say until level 20. let’s call this Tier 1. then every 10 or 20 more levels you moved onto Tier 2 with more iron, more food, and more Exp. and so on. and maybe on the final Tier you can get a EHT instead of a regular one on Scavenge Resources Quest. the amount of tiers will be at SGG discretion. when you have all the buildings and can get a lot of Iron, Food and Battle items the current quests become a joke.

Agree with you and your suggestion.

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As far as I remember SG announced they plan to do something like that at some point. But they too busy designing 12 OP heroes per month for whales to empty their wallets every 3 days to think about doing something for everyone else who just want for the game to make sense and reward the playtime.


Not a new idea.

This is a good idea, I think they should scale with the food/iron storage just like chests and titan kills do… not a new one, but one that should be considered.

nevertheless ignored

Support an existing thread with a vote and that is better than fracturing the votes between multiple threads. 100 threads with ten votes = ignored. One thread with a thousand votes = not so much.

I hate being corrected but what you said is true. I just used different words to comunicate the same idea. And to be honest i didn’t look if there were another threads alike.