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I am a borderline Platinum/Diamond Raid player with Marjana+1, Rigard Costume+8, Elkanen+2, Li Xiu+7, Seshat+4. I realized that Seshat and Marjana should be swapped ability wise, but I had them that way do to color arrangement. I want to mix it up a little bit and I have Thorne 5/80 and Vivica 5/80 available. I am thinking Seshat+4, Rigard Costume+8 or Vivica 5/80, Thorne 5/80, Elkanen+2, Marjana+1. Benching Li Xiu and maybe Rigard. What do you think? I think position wise it makes more sense, and I like the idea of going rainbow on defense. My Team Power would increase by 74 to 116 points, from 3950 to 4024 or 4066 if that matters.

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If you can go rainbow with all 5s

I’d do it


Rigard is better than Vivica.

And I think Elkanen is better tank, he’s faster and has got 4* troop.

These are the top heroes I have available, how would you build a team?

Viv, Seshat, Thorne, Kad and Marjana in that order is what I would run.

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Wouldn’t Seshat, Viv, Thorne, Kadilen, Marjana make more sense?

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Para mi Ses/Thor/Viv/Kad/Marj

Could work too. Seshat holds up pretty well at flank tho. I like the idea of protecting Viv longer with her on the wing. Slow flanks are a weakness imo and Viv is a lil too squishy to last there.

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I would go with this.

You’ll want to get a better yellow 5* eventually to replace Vivica – nothing against her but she’s competing with emblems with Elkanen, and that’s not ideal for defense teams.

Oh I just noted you have Kadilen. In which case that would be better to avoid the Cleric emblems competition between Viv and Elk.

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Then Viv and Rigard compete for emblems…

Is an idealish solution to get Joon (monk) and go…

Joon, Rigard Costume, Thorne (or get Richard), Elkanen (or Kadilen), Marjana?

I need to get Joon!

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